Connectrix: Top Services Topics


Connectrix: Top Services Topics


This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for Connectrix, identified by DELL EMC Support as the most Trending Topics for the month of May 2020


Connectrix MDS: Module X reported warning fcX/21-64due to Test Failed, Could not identify the Faulty...

SnakeLoobpack passed incorrect port range to module warning when SnakeLoopback could not identify faulty device


Cisco: How to properly remove an MDS supervisor card

The following describes the proper method to remove a supervisor card from an MDS switch. Note: Failure to follow could adversely affect function of the switch in the future.


Connectrix ED-DCX8510-8B: How to upgrade a replacement CP that is arrived with lower firmware versio...

A CP running Fabric OS prior to v7.0.0 will boot in DCX 8510 chassis but will not be able to manage the switch director. The firmware will need to be upgraded individually on the lower revision CP(s)


Cisco MDS Series : Unable to remove old zones auto-created by IVR

While removing the zone, getting error as :
"Editing auto zone is not allowed. Use "clear zone database only-auto-zones" instead"


Connectrix Manager Converged Network: LDAP authentication fails after upgrading to CMCNE 14.4.1 and ...

CMCNE 14.4.1 and above no longer support TLS 1 connections and require stronger encryption


Connectrix Brocade B-Series: ED-DCX6 upgrades from v8.1 to 8.2.x may create a condition that allows ...

A non-disruptive process to repair the PORTMAP entries in the VF configuration file can be performed but requires ROOT access to issue the required command(s) to repair the PORTMAP entries


Cisco: IPS_SB_MGR-SLOT3-6-SBMGR_EVENT: Sbmgr event: Device 0: fips self status 0 received from core ...

Acknowledge this change, or reset to default level if no longer needed -


Cisco MDS 9000 Series: Unusually low values for several PSUs, and no syslog warning triggered

Unusually low values for several PSUs, and no syslog warning triggered


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