Dell Technologies’ Optimize for Infrastructure service: An interview with Mark Hennigan

An organisation’s ability to respond to changing business demands depends on the performance and availability of their IT systems. Dell customers can “win Big with Dell Technologies Optimize for Infrastructure” on performance and availability, helping organisations work more efficiently.

To explain in more detail, our Global Service Account Manager Quinten P. Ockers interviews Mark Hennigan, Senior Manager of Optimize for Infrastructure.

Quinten: Could you tell us what Dell Technologies’ Optimize for Infrastructure services actually looks like?

Mark: Dell’s Optimize for Infrastructure service helps improve the performance of your customers’ storage infrastructure by monitoring and optimizing their storage environment. The service may proactively identify bottlenecks and other performance issues and allow the customer to take steps to avoid any disruption in their environment in addition to optimising your storage infrastructure to improve performance. This ultimately helps to process data more quickly. Of course, quicker data processing, may then lead to a better productivity overall.

Another aspect upon which we focus is increased scalability. Whereas your business grows, a need to scale storage infrastructure evolves, to meet the increasing demands of their business may be required. Dell’s Optimize for Infrastructure service can help to do this by providing with the ability to scale their storage infrastructure as their business grows. This means that your customers can add more storage capacity as needed without having to worry about performance issues.

Data is one of the most valuable assets for any business, and it’s important to protect it.

Quinten: So, if I understand correctly, Dell Optimize for Infrastructure helps to secure performance of the storage infrastructure and helps to evaluate and analyse scalability options according to the data volumes required.

Does such infrastructure management optimisation come with additional operational costs?

Mark: It is accurate to say that improved performance and increased scalability are two service features within Optimize. Having said that, the service can help to also reduce costs associated with storage infrastructure. The service helps to identify areas where they may be overspending, such as storage that is not being used efficiently. By optimising their storage infrastructure, costs associated with storage can be reduced and improve the overall ROI.

Quinten: What about Data Protection?

Mark: Data is one of the most valuable assets for any business, and it’s important to protect it. Your Technical Account Manager (TAM) can help you to improve data protection by optimising your storage infrastructure and recommend solutions to avoid data unavailability and data loss.

The service also helps to identify areas where you may be vulnerable and can assist to ensure timely backups are scheduled to protect against vulnerabilities and data loss.

Managing storage infrastructure can be a complex and a time-consuming process. Dell’s Optimize for Infrastructure service helps to simplify management by providing with a single, centralised view of a storage environment. This can help to manage storage infrastructure more effectively and efficiently, saving them time and resources.

The service has up to now been available on different infrastructure storage systems, such as PowerStore, Unity, VxRail and PowerScale. Now Optimize for Infrastructure is also available on PowerMax and Data Domain products.  If you or your customers would like to learn more, I’m happy to walk you through the details or introduce you to one of our TAMs. In the meantime, please take a look at some of our content for additional insights here (

Quinten: Mark, thank you for your insight and it is a pleasure to have you interviewed.

If you want to find out more, watch this video and get in touch with your Dell SAM.

About the Author: Quinten Pieter Ockers

Quinten Pieter Ockers has been a Service Account Manager at Dell Technologies since 2010 and has been active worldwide for eight years. He helps customers worldwide to manage and optimise their ProSupport Plus services in each country. His main goal is to work with people all over the world, to get to know different cultures, and to support them in such a way that IT services work everywhere.