Cutting-edge genetic medical research saves lives

    • CustomerTGen



    • Vision

      Critical for their life-changing research, and with the aim to personalize disease treatment, TGen needed to modernize their data center to sequence billions of genomic markers faster.

    • Solution

      TGen handles staggering volumes of data and performs trillions of IOPS per second. They chose a Dell advanced primary storage solution including Dell PowerStore and Dell PowerMax.

    • Impact

      In an ever-changing world of cutting-edge research, the continuously modern architectures of both PowerStore and PowerMax supports the rapid processing needed to push the boundaries of discovery.

    • James Lowey, Chief Technology Officer, TGen

      “Dell Technologies has done a great job of bringing together storage platforms across their portfolio that make it possible for us to automate.”

      The image shows James Lowey, Chief Technology Officer at TGen
    • Business Results

      • How TGen Leveraged Dell Technologies

        • Simplifying complex research

        • For when life depends on data

        • Setting the pace of progress