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Global Social Impact

Dell is committed to having a global social impact and advancing sustainability.
Dell Legacy of Good Plan

Dell Legacy of Good Plan

Dell is driven by the mission of advancing human progress through technology. Through innovation, we can unlock health, happiness and prosperity for humankind.

Commitment to Recycling

Commitment to Recycling

Dell designs its products with the environment in mind – from reusing ocean plastics in the packaging trays to making our laptop parts easily recyclable.


Get answers to your frequently asked questions.

Any student who's academic institution has been enrolled with the Dell Advantage programme. All we require is that you provide us with your unique ID number that will ensure you can access your discounts.

Products listed on can be purchased with your exclusive vouchers, however, some exclusions may apply.

  • Your educational institution unique ID,
  • School certificate,
  • Academic e-mail address,
  • Any other admissible evidence. NUS is an association. Hence, please note that the NUS Card does not qualify as a student I.D.

If you do not have your unique ID number, please contact your educational institution to access this.
If you cannot find out if your educational institution is signed up to our programme, please email us at:


Yes. You can only purchase one unit per order.
Your Unique ID will enable you to request vouchers multiple times.

The voucher may not be used in conjunction with other voucher code offers.
A voucher code cannot be combined with other promotions unless specifically stated.
The voucher code can be used where we offer money off (strike-thru prices) on the Dell Site.

Only one applicable voucher promotion may be used for each online order submission.
Only one unit per voucher and one voucher per year and customer will be honoured.

No, the voucher code is country specific and in line with the discount offered in the country the voucher code was issued. Also, the voucher code is redeemable only on the online store and cannot be used on Dell outlet store or third party.

United Kingdom

You can purchase two products every year per offer. Your new voucher allowance is reset in January of each year.

The Voucher code expires at the end of the calendar year. Just ask for a new voucher code.


1. The voucher will expire on/at the date/time as stated. If no time is stated then it will expire at 23:59 local time on the day stated. The time quoted is the time that the order must be submitted by online and acknowledged by Dell.

2. The voucher will have a % discount off stated product(s). The voucher cannot be used against non-qualifying products or segments. You may also register your email address to receive special deals.

3. The coupon is only valid on purchases made online or from Dell Advisors over the phone, unless otherwise stated. Dell reserves the right not to offer coupons if the Dell Online Store is not accessible for any reason.

4. The voucher may not be used in conjunction with other voucher offers. Only one applicable voucher promotion may be used for each online order submission. A voucher cannot be combined with other promotions unless specifically stated. Only one unit per voucher , and two voucher per year and customer will be honored.

5. The voucher discount will be applied during online order process after correct submission of relevant information, including completing voucher code during order process. voucher discount will be included in price prior to submission of online order by customer. voucher discount will not be applied to incorrectly submitted orders or requests for discount after online ordering process has been submitted by customer.

6. If you use this voucher and subsequently cancel or return the order, the voucher will no longer be valid and the respective value may not be reapplied to another order. If you return your order, the refund amount will be the purchase price paid less the value of the voucher . voucher may not be redeemed for cash and is nontransferable.

Taxes, shipping, handling and other fees are extra, vary and are not subject to discount, unless otherwise specified.

7. Pricing, specifications, availability and terms of offer may change without notice. All orders are subject to approval, and only binding when accepted by Dell in a written order confirmation. Dell is not responsible for typographical, pricing or other errors, omissions, or consequences of misuse of site and its functions.

8. The voucher is valid only in the country where it was issued.

9. Dell reserves the right to cancel any order that is placed under wrongful conditions.

Intel® Core™ Processors
Learn More about Intel