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    Dell Managed Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

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    Advanced power monitoring and measuring for your data center

    Help improve data center outlet- and device-level visibility and control with the Dell™ Managed PDU™, combining high-density power distribution with on-site or remote monitoring and management.

    • Monitoring and control: Remotely switch individual power outlets on and off to closely manage data center energy consumption.
    • LED displays: Stay informed at a glance with LED alarm warning indicators and interactive LED display for local access.
    • Precise configuration: Make sure your purchase is the ideal solution for your needs by visiting for in-depth system-configuration guidance. 

    Dell Managed PDU
    Dell Managed PDU - Power distribution with brains

    Power distribution with brains.

    Take control of your data center power consumption with the advanced power monitoring and measuring capability of the Dell Managed PDU, enabling individual outlet control through remote commands and user interface settings.
    Dell Managed PDU

    More than power in and power out.

    High visibility: Gain real-time equipment connectivity and load-balancing guidance through the local metering display with local LED alarm warning indicator.
    Dell Managed PDU

    More than power in and power out.

    Remote monitoring and management: Use your web browser to access the PDU console from virtually anywhere in the world, increasing your visibility and control whenever you need it.
    Dell Managed PDU

    More than power in and power out.

    Industry standard: Employ the 21 C(13) and three C(19) sockets as a robust and streamlined solution for medium- and high-density IT environments.
    Dell Managed PDU

    More than power in and power out.

    Simple mounting: Install easily and without tools in Dell racks and other common brands with teardrop mounting.
    Dell Managed PDU - Take control

    Take control.

    Exercise extreme flexibility and keep the power flowing where and when it’s needed, without wasting energy.
    • Remotely power outlets on and off to quickly recycle power to locked-up equipment.
    • Turn off unused outlets to prevent unauthorized use, avoid accidental overloads and control where new equipment is deployed.
    • Define power-up sequencing and time delays to set equipment power-up order or prevent overloads during start-up and recover events.
    • Group multiple outlets and/or multiple PDUs to follow single commands.
    • Choose single- or three-phase models of the Dell Managed PDU to support power requirements from 5kW to 22kW.
    Outlet control can be particularly effective during power failures, enabling you to quickly switch off outlets to non-essential equipment so critical servers and networking equipment can operate longer on your uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
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