Governor Bill Richardson Q&A

Like Brian mentioned in his recent blog post Governor Bill Richardson (D) addressed a standing-room-only crowd on the Dell campus. Relaxed and engaging, he made brief opening remarks and promptly opened the floor to the Dell employees and their questions. 

Dell employees proved that they’re not shy!  They eagerly lined up to hear his Governor Richardson addressed every question that came his way. He covered his proposed solutions to Immigration (“a wall won’t work”).  He would take a tough stand on protecting the border while also creating a path to legalization for illegal immigrants but with penalties for breaking the US entry laws. If elected he would pull the troops out of Iraq: “not a 6, 8, 12 month exit plan…100% withdrawal with no troops left behind.”

He highlighted his foreign policy and diplomatic experience as he discussed his role as Ambassador to the UN.  He touched on his time as the US Secretary of Energy as his answered a question about the US dependence on foreign oil. The former US Representative recognizes that our future workforce needs to focus on math and science curriculum.  As President he would work to enhance the focus on that curriculum and raise teacher pay. 

One of the best questions asked was “Which Republican candidate would you most like to run against?” to which he replied “You mean which candidate would I like to beat?” Disappointingly, the question was never answered.  Isn’t diplomacy boring?

I saw that folks like Elizabeth, brian and jervis961 are waitng for the Q&A video. Here it is.

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The Governor of New Mexico visited Dell as part of a Presidential Speaker Series. Dell has invited all of the presidential candidates (how many are there now??) to visit our campus and so far two have taken us up on the offer.  Republican Fred Thompson stopped by a while back.  We’re still waiting for the next brave soul to visit.  Come on down!  We’d love to have you!

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