How Status Tags are Used on IdeaStorm

Some of the ideas on IdeaStorm have
status tags that help identify what Dell is currently doing – or thinking of
doing – with the idea.  The status tags are located in the line underneath the idea title.  During the past
several weeks the moderators have been updating these tags to make sure
they accurately reflect the current status of the ideas reviewed by Dell.  Several IdeaStorm community members have noticed these changes and dell_admin1
and dell_admin10
have weighed in to explain the status tag updates, but it has been clear to us that the community has wanted tag
and more clarification about how they are used.


To provide further clarification
about what each status tag means, here are the descriptions we use: (Updated 3-4-2008)


    OFFERED:  Dell already offers what
    is suggested in the idea.  When
    possible, a moderator or other Dell employee (look for the Dell logo next
    to the username) will use this tag and then inform the community where
    they can find the related products or services discussed in the idea.
     Dell has listened and we have put
    this idea into action. More details on implemented ideas are posted on the
    in Action blog
    IMPLEMENTED:  Part of this idea has
    been put into action, but not all of it. In other words, Dell’s follow-through
    on the idea might not fully address every one of the idea’s components (for
    example, a product is made available in select regions but not globally, or
    a feature is made available on select products but not all of them). More
    details on partially implemented ideas are posted on the Ideas in
    Action blog
    SOON:  It is not ready for sale or visible
    on yet, but there is a commitment from Dell to deliver on this
    idea in the near future. When possible, we try to link to any related information
    on Direct2Dell regarding
    a time frame or other details about the new product or service. — retired tag
  • IN
    PROGRESS:  Dell is working on this
    right now.  When possible, a
    moderator or Dell employee will offer an explanation of how this idea is
    being addressed. We can’t always provide a specific time frame for
    implementing the idea, but we are committed to providing updates in the idea
    thread or on the Ideas in
    Action blog
    REVIEW: Dell is reviewing the idea and evaluating it against criteria that
    include, but aren’t limited to: market impact, regional demand,
    feasibility, timing, and vendor/supplier availability, etc.  In some cases, the idea review process may
    take only a few weeks, and in others it make take several months to
    determine its feasibility and market impact.  
  • NOT
    NOW: Right now Dell does not plan to implement this idea, but it has not
    been ruled it out for the future. It may be a good idea down the road, so
    the status tag could change at some point. Moderators and Dell employees
    are supposed to always provide an explanation when we use this tag. — retired tag
  • NOT
    LIKELY: This idea is not likely to be implemented by Dell, typically for reasons
    of feasibility, supply and demand or timing.  Moderators and Dell employees are
    supposed to always provide an explanation when we use this tag. — retired tag
  • REVIEWED: This idea has been
    tagged "Under Review," sent to the business for evaluation, and
    reviewed. This status tag will require a response from the business that
    includes a summary of the review process and any outcomes of the idea


About the Author: Kara Krautter