Michael Talks to Customers, Bloggers @ CES

This week at CES, Michael sat down with a small group of customers and bloggers to discuss technology trends, customer service, and Dell’s activities in digital media. What followed was a wide-ranging discussion on topics including: StudioDell, questions about Jeff Jarvis and customer service, Michael as a blogger/blog reader, Vista on legacy PCs, bloatware, the Dell Community Forum, Alienware and more.

There were some specific questions as well. Customer David M. asked about Dell’s future commitment to the BTX form factor and the possibility of a motherboard upgrade option for XPS 700-class customers. Regarding BTX, Michael said we’re open to other alternatives moving forward and that motherboard upgrade option is a possibility we are looking into. Customer Ryan raised awareness around ongoing issues with the onboard sound implementation in the Inspiron E1505. He also offered his own personal perspective of his time with Michael and at CES 2007.

Bloggers like Ed Bott, Dwight Silverman and Jeremiah Owyang offered their reactions to the discussion, and Jeremiah posted a video of the entire discussion in his blog entry and on the PodTech site.

Not all the feedback was positive. This discussion is the first of many that we hope to have with Dell customers and members of the blogging community. We are in the early stages of a long-term commitment to listening to our customers in new ways. While it may not be easy to hear criticism in a public forum, the feedback from things like this will help us improve moving forward.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca