Click, Go, Learn! Direct Course Links Now Available

The Dell Channel and Enablement Team is pleased to announce the availability of direct course links.  In the past, once in the portal, it was necessary to go to the Training and Competencies page and click on “enroll in eLearning” which would take you to the Partner Learning Center landing page.  Once on the landing page, you would then have to search for your course.  Now, as long as you are logged into the portal, you can click on any course link from the course catalog, training newsletters or email announcement, and be launched directly into the course!

Get started using direct course links with these new and recently revised trainings:

Or, head over to the PartnerDirect Portal you can also access the entire Course Catalog, hit the Launch button and jump right to your training! No more searching. No more extra steps in getting where you want to go. You asked for it and you got it!

Log into the PartnerDirect Portal and take more training today – Click, Go, Learn!

About the Author: Sara Mesarchik