Client Solutions

Jeff Clarke, vice chairman, Operations and president, Client Solutions

Customer-driven innovation

Things are getting interesting in the PC industry again. This has led to a new level of innovation and risk taking here at Dell that we haven’t seen in years. Our customers are looking to us to help navigate an increasingly complex landscape of mobility, BYOD, security and productivity challenges. Adding to the mix, employees want their work-issued systems to look great and work even harder.

Our recent Evolving Workforce study reinforces this point, revealing that one in four employees globally claim that technology has an influence on their job choices, while 80% of younger employees say the quality of available technology can influence their decision to accept a new position.

By providing devices like the XPS 13, the best performing notebook in its class, and the award-winning Latitude 2-in-1, we’re meeting the demands of end users without sacrificing what IT professionals rely on from Dell – the best security, manageability and reliability backed by an outstanding customer experience.

Our focus on customer experience is evident in our Consumer business as well—from delivering the most immersive experience for gamers with Alienware and our curved UltraSharp monitor to a stunning high-resolution experience for photo journalists with the 2015 CES Best of Innovation Award-winning, 6mm thin Venue 8 7000 tablet. Whether our customers are designing data centers or designing lesson plans, editing holiday cards or editing code, we are committed to their success. It’s your needs that drive innovation at Dell.

End-to-end benefits

Today’s IT leaders must not only seize the opportunities created by mobility, BYOD, cloud, IoT and big data, but they must also face the challenges of device proliferation, security risks, uptime expectations, and ongoing maintenance – all within an ever-shrinking budget.

To ensure that we are staying ahead of the challenges customers face and helping to address top needs today and in the future, we have a forward-looking focus built on a solid foundation.

Take Sparksight – they turned to Dell to help them stay at the forefront of innovative video production. They needed better professional software tools and hardware optimized for graphic design and video editing, so we helped them implement a solution made up of Adobe Creative Cloud applications running on mobile Dell Precision M3800 workstations and Dell Precision T7610 tower workstationsequipped with NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards. As a result, they reduced video rendering times, streamlined workflows and boosted productivity.

Another exciting area where we are working with customers to help them turn data into insights and action is IoT. In the not too distant future, we’ll have a hundred billion connected devices generating data for analytics, value creation and new business ideas. Companies should be capitalizing on all this sensor data – and Dell is here to help. IoT is not new to us. Our StatSoft and Perot acquisitions brought experience in capturing, managing and analyzing sensor data and we’re working with customers like Hilton and San Diego Port Authority to optimize their facilities and save them money. Only Dell has everything customers need to do IoT right. We are investing in this area and will be sharing more details with you on new offerings soon.

In a world where companies need to make more with less, energy efficiency is key – leading to greater adoption of cloud client computing. Dell Wyse thin clients are cost effective and only require 3 watts of electricity to run, compared with the typical 150 watts needed for a personal computer. Equally important, our thin clients are designed to easily integrate into any virtualized or web-based infrastructure, while minimizing management requirements, meeting the budget and performance requirements for any application, and maximizing security.

Delivering world-class security

Speaking of security, we know protecting data – your most precious asset – is key. We’re committed to keeping your PCs secure with Dell Data Protection solutions, designed to protect you in three ways: through comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication and leading-edge malware prevention all centrally managed through a single console. Our endpoint security suite simplifies endpoint protection, safeguarding your end-user data wherever it goes and making it easy for IT to deploy service and prove security compliance. Available for Dell and non-Dell devices, this solution works seamlessly to provide leading security and management options. And only Dell ships advanced client security on every business PC.

The best support available today

In addition to security software, we are investing in the industry’s only predictive and preventative services. Last year, we introduced ProSupport Plus, a full service package for our enterprise customers, and it’s become the most successful, fastest-growing service Dell has ever launched. Now we’re offering ProSupport Plus for PCs and tablets. It is the only complete support service that combines priority access with expert support, accidental damage repair and proactive monitoring for automatic issue prevention and resolution – a great example of extending capabilities from high-end data centers to client devices.

True to our roots and ready for the future

Dell is bolder now, with new innovations, new partnerships and disruptive approaches to the technology status quo. We’re increasing our investment in research and development, focusing 30% of our design team on the future and have set up a $300 million Dell ventures fund that invests in entrepreneurs to bring innovative technology to our customers faster.

As the world’s only end-to-end technology solutions provider, we remain true to our roots as a PC maker while leveraging our wide-ranging enterprise experience to benefit everyone from large businesses to individual customers at work and at home.

It’s never been clearer that we must stay ahead of the challenges customers are facing today and help them get ready for the future and the macro trends ahead. We are up to the challenge.

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