Congratulations to University of Florida for launching HiPerGator

Earlier this week, Dell and the entire research computing community joined the University of Florida in celebrating the dedication of the university’s new high performance computing cluster “HiPerGator.”  HiPerGator is Florida’s most powerful supercomputer providing 150 trillion calculations per second to support 160 research teams with over 500 researchers and $161 million in research grants.

Equally critical to the systems is the high- capacity data pipeline that will support Florida research teams participating in CERN’s Large Hadron Collider experiments.  UF has contributed computing power—1.4 million hours of computing in one month alone—to verifying the massive dataset associated with the Higgs-Boson particle discovery.   The pipeline enables new levels of collaboration.

The key driver of research computing today is not the historical benchmark of flops, rather the level of collaboration it enables.  When it comes to solving our world’s most complex problems and mysteries, universities are leaving their competitive spirit on the playing fields and are accomplishing more together through “parallel processing” of data for more rapid insights and discovery.  With HPC and high throughput bandwidth, hundreds and sometimes thousands of our best minds are collaborating to solve our most complex problems without regard to separations of time or distance.

And in this collaborative spirit, the entire research computing community is celebrating HiPerGator today.  Congratulations to the University of Florida.  Today, we are all a part of the Gator Nation!

About the Author: Tim Carroll