Dell’s New XPS Lineup: Futuristic Design, with Built-in AI

Introducing new XPS laptops – new sizes, robust performance and powered by Intel Core Ultra processors.

With our XPS portfolio, we have a long history of taking risks, being inquisitive and asking big design questions. At CES 2022, we showcased our vision of the future with XPS 13 Plus—an elegant and modern device, designed with simplicity at the core. The design turned heads and continues to do so today, with headlines calling it elegant, stylish, stunning, beautiful and our personal favorite—referring to the design as “the future is here.”

This bold design has forever changed the ID of the XPS brand. Now, we are unifying the design across our XPS portfolio, introducing new screen sizes with the XPS 16 and XPS 14 and revamping the XPS 13 Plus to XPS 13. This trio of laptops share elements that eliminate distractions and place the focus on productivity.

XPS family of laptops in platinum color.

The new XPS designs take a minimalistic approach that elevates the brand. The portfolio is made of CNC machined aluminum and Gorilla Glass 3, and tone-on-tone colors (available in Graphite and Platinum). The striking, unconventional look has key components that amplify the laptop experience. They feature a touch function row to switch between media and function keys easily, a seamless glass touchpad with haptic feedback and larger keycaps that provide a comfortable and smooth typing experience with every keystroke.

XPS family of laptops in graphite color.
Minimal design, maximum performance.

Style Meets Performance

Each new XPS laptop features InfinityEdge panels with OLED touch options, variable refresh rates, high-resolution options, stunning color and Dolby Vision® for rich detail. The new portfolio boasts an exceptional audio experience starting with a quad speaker design, support for Dolby Atmos® immersive audio and 3D stereo surround from MaxxAudio® Pro by Waves. Plus, the new FHD 1080p webcam provides crystal clear video calls.

The lineup also brings new AI-enabled features, with AI acceleration built into the device thanks to Intel Core Ultra processors and experiences brought to life by Windows 11. These experiences enhance creativity and productivity while also providing better performance and longer battery life.1 (If this sounds too good to be true, read more about the efficiencies created from on-device AI here.) And speaking of battery life, all XPS laptops feature ExpressCharge to recharge 80% of battery life in just 60 minutes, so you can keep your creative flow going.

Introducing the New XPS Portfolio

The XPS 16 laptop, from left front angle view.
Introducing the powerful XPS 16, ideal for demanding workloads.

Dell pioneered the art of engineering narrow bezels to minimize the device’s footprint and maximize screen size. Now you can say hello to our new immersive 16- and 14-inch screens. The new XPS 16 and XPS 14 bring more portability to our XPS laptops and place the focus on performance and design.

The XPS 16 is the frontrunner of the portfolio, with supercharged performance for complex workloads. Featuring the latest Intel Core Ultra processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs (up to the GeForce RTX 4070 GPU), the XPS 16 is our most powerful XPS laptop with up to 80W of sustained performance. Whether editing videos or testing the latest AI software, it’s ideal for those running demanding apps, providing a smooth and fast experience.

Overhead view of the XPS 14 in graphite color.
The new XPS 14 offers the perfect balance of power and mobility.

Combining performance, design and portability, the XPS 14 is a great option for those who need the freedom of working from anywhere. The XPS 14 is 21% lighter than the XPS 162 but still delivers powerful performance to complete challenging tasks with ease. With optional NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs (up to the GeForce RTX 4050 GPU), you can edit and play high-resolution videos effortlessly. And with long battery life, it’s a refined laptop made to move with you.

Both XPS 16 and XPS 14 are NVIDIA Studio-validated systems,3 meaning they deliver industry-leading performance for demanding creative tasks such as 3D rendering, video editing and live streaming, while offering exclusive access to the Studio AI-powered suite of tools and enhanced stability with NVIDIA Studio Drivers.

XPS 13 laptop from a right front angle.
XPS 13, the trendsetter.

XPS 13 started our design revolution and set our vision of the future with its iconic design. Starting at just 2.6 pounds, it’s our thinnest and lightest XPS, so you can carry the device wherever you’re headed. The renewed laptop has three new display options to choose from (including FHD+, QHD+ touch and 3K+ OLED touch) to provide you with a versatile visual experience, suitable for everyday productivity to high-resolution content creation. The XPS 13 is the ideal multitasking machine to balance school, work, personal projects or entertainment.

XPS 16, XPS 14, XPS 13 Fact Sheet and Spec Sheet

View from over shoulder of male user using Dell XPS laptop

AI, Your New Best Friend

AI and generative AI (GenAI) are driving the latest wave of innovation and unlocking new possibilities on the PC. It’s exciting to see PCs built with AI acceleration into the device—something we touched on earlier, but let’s take this a step further.

The new XPS portfolio, powered by Intel Core Ultra processors, features a built-in AI acceleration engine with the addition of a neural processing unit (NPU). This means the PC no longer needs to rely solely on the CPU or GPU for processing and performance. Imagine you are a creator who is always on the go and editing photos in Adobe Lightroom. The addition of the NPU automatically leverages the right compute engine for your workload—in this case letting you edit images faster than before while preserving battery life.

The laptops all come with Copilot in Windows 11, harnessing the capabilities of AI to make the things you do every day easier, faster and effortless. The portfolio also features a Copilot key designed to make it even easier to get things done and stay in the flow of work. Now, with the press of a key, you can have quick access to your everyday AI companion.

Sustainable From Top to Bottom

We continue our commitment to incorporate more sustainable materials in both our products and packaging. The new XPS family has the highest level of sustainable materials yet,5 and for the first time, the new XPS family is designed with recycled aluminum and low emissions aluminum4 made from a renewable energy source. This reduces the carbon footprint of this material by up to 89%.4 Made from 100% recycled or renewable content,5 the packaging used to protect XPS laptops brings us one step closer to meeting our ambitious 2030 Advancing Sustainability Goals.

The new XPS family is registered EPEAT Gold and complies with EPEAT’s new and stringent climate criteria to achieve the EPEAT Climate+ Designation. With the Climate+ designation, these laptops have met industry’s best practices for decarbonization.6

Final Words

Check out our official CES 2024 press kit and the official XPS page for more information on each of the announcements. Follow and stay connected with us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, X (formerly known as Twitter) and LinkedIn.

Pricing and Availability

    • XPS 13, starting at $1,299 (US) and $1,749 (CA), will be available soon.
    • XPS 14, starting at $1,699 (US) and $2,299 (CA), will be available soon.
    • XPS 16, starting at $1,899 (US) and $2,549 (CA), will be available soon.

1 Benchmark data provided by Intel.
2 Based on Dell Technologies analysis, November 2023.
3 Only available with NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ graphics.
4 Based on internal analysis, November 2023.
5 Up to 92.2% recycled content and 24.9% renewable content in the form of sustainably forested materials. Excludes optional items added to order and included in box. Paper packaging materials can be recycled via municipal recycling, where available. System bag is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled along with other thin plastics. See local recycling guidelines.
66Based on internal analysis, November 2023. Based on EPEAT Climate+ Designations achieved in all applicable countries. EPEAT registered where applicable. EPEAT registration varies by country. See for registration status and tier levels by country.

Donnie Oliphant

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