ScaleMP Test Drives Dell PowerEdge M610 Blade Server

ScaleMPMy colleagues in Global Small Business recently published a post on ScaleMP, a leading provider of virtualization for high-end computing, and their thoughts on Dell’s new PowerEdge M610 blade server. We’re obviously quite pleased at customer’s reactions to our new systems, including ScaleMP’s announced support for our new PowerEdge 11th generation of servers featuring Intel’s Xeon 5500 series processors.

Dell has long had a focus on the high performance computing market and advocates the use of x86-based servers as standard building blocks for those systems versus costly proprietary systems. Michael Dell spoke last year at the SC08 conference about the fourth wave of supercomputing, the point at which cost is no longer an issue for customers to deploy high performing clusters.

In that post, I talked with Dell’s Dr. Reza Rooholamini, director of Enterprise Solutions Engineering, about the state of the HPCC market. Much of what he said last year still resonates today.

Take a look at the post.

About the Author: Bruce Eric