• Dell APEX Block storage for public cloud

    Elevate your multicloud experience one block at a time

    Delivering scalable, flexible, and reliable cloud block storage.

    Intel® Innovation Built-in
    • The world’s most scalable cloud block storage1

      Dell APEX Block Storage for Public Cloud is a deployment of Dell’s software-defined block storage innovation designed for the public cloud landscape. With compatibility on AWS and Microsoft Azure, you can experience the same benefits of enterprise-class storage in the cloud as you have come to appreciate on-premises.

    • More than

      100X better performance2

      Extreme performance and linear scalability for mission-critical workloads.

    • Designed for

      99.9999% availability by design4

      Single and Multi-AZ configurations for utmost resiliency.

    • Optimize diverse block-based workloads

      Experience the performance, scalability, and resiliency of enterprise-class solutions, all while harnessing the computing power and agility of the public cloud.

    • Databases

      Deploy various types of databases with extreme transactional performance, high availability, durability, and consistency.

    • Analytics

      Enhance big data analytics by optimizing the delivery of AI/ML services, offering substantial volume capacity, all while maintaining low latency.

    • Dev / Test

      Provide flexible and secure support throughout various stages of the software development lifecycle.

    • Virtualization

      Optimize virtualized workloads for peak performance through thin provisioning, high throughput, and minimal latency.

    • Containers

      Attain complete performance and portability for containerized applications through seamless integration.

    • Get started with a 90-day free evaluation for Dell APEX Block Storage6

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      Select your product and cloud platform

      Dell APEX Block Storage is currently available on AWS and Azure.

    • 2.

      Enable access to your cloud platform

      Get step-by-step guidance on enabling trust and permissions with your cloud platform.

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      Select your configuration

      Choose your storage performance, availability level, and more.

    • Resources

    • Dell APEX Block Storage for AWS

      Modernize and streamline your experience by bringing the proven capabilities of enterprise block storage to the public cloud.

    • Dell APEX Block Storage for Microsoft Azure

      Rapidly adjust to unexpected workload changes and experience dependable enterprise-class data services, allowing you to confidently run block-based workloads.

    • Dell APEX Block Storage for Public Cloud TCO Paper

      3rd party analysis that compares Dell cloud storage functionality and cost against cloud-native options from Amazon and Microsoft.

    • Dell APEX Block Storage for Public Cloud Infographic

      Take a look at the differentiated features, quantifiable benefits, and workloads supported for Dell APEX Block Storage for Public Cloud.

    • 1 Based on Dell analysis of storage software deployable on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, May 2023.

      2 Based on Dell analysis comparing maximum IOPS published results, September 2023. APEX Block Storage for AWS maximum performance using a single AWS EC2 instance store (i3en.12xlarge), NVME attached storage, running 4KB IO size, 100% random read per SDS and assumes public cloud volumes consolidate performance of entire storage pool in a single volume. Actual results may vary.

      3 Based on a Silverton Consulting white paper, sponsored by Dell Technologies, “Conceptual TCO: Dell APEX Block Storage for Public Cloud,” October 2023. Systems were configured to support IOPS performance of 7,740 KIOPS. The Dell solution assumes 4:1 thin provisioning vs thick provisioning for AWS EBS. Actual costs will vary depending on the thing provisioning factor used, region, data change/snapshot rates, capacity, type of storage and instances used, and other factors.

      4 Based on hardware availability on common software-defined storage configurations. Actual availability may vary.

      5 Based on internal testing, January 2024, when comparing the manual configuration of cloud components vs. Navigator-driven cloud component orchestration and automated deployment of APEX Block Storage for AWS 

      6 Applies to Dell licenses only. Subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply: for Dell APEX Navigator for Multicloud Storage view the Dell Cloud Service Offering Agreement . For Dell APEX Block Storage for AWS and Dell APEX Block Storage for Azure, view Dell’s Software Evaluation Agreement.