SC Storage Customer Notification: Troubleshooting DSM "Error setting up connection" Message During Initial Deployment

Summary: How to resolve the DSM "Error setting up connection" message during initial deployment.

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During the Deployment of a Storage Center array the installer receives an error stating "Error setting up connection".

A log-in prompt will be presented, but will result in the same error.

If you close and reopen DSM and rediscover the array, it will be discovered via UDP, but will prompt for credentials and give the same error.

The initial discovery and configuration is performed using UDP broadcasts and specific IPs are not required to be on the same subnet.  However, once the management IPs are configured on the storage system, communication switches to TCP/IP where the IPs must be configured properly.  If you receive this error, it is most likely due to one of two possible scenarios.

To determine which is the cause, ping the management IPs for the storage system.  If they are pingable, see is the first scenario below.  If the are not pingable, see the second scenero.
  1. The array's management ports were configured with an IP address already in use on the network.  There are 2 recommended options to resolve.
    a.  Change the IP addresses on the other device(s) so there is no conflict.
    b.  Contact technical support for assistance in changing the IP addresses on the array.  You will need to be at the system with the serial cable that came with the system.
  2. The computer running DSM does not have its IP address on the same subnet as the array's management IP address.  The resolution is to configure computer's IP address to be on the same subnet as the storage array.

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Dell Storage SCv2020, Dell Storage SCv3020, Dell Storage SCv2000, Dell Storage SCv2080, Dell Storage SC5020, Dell Storage SCv3000, Dell Storage SC7020

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20 Nov 2020



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