Dell EMC Customer Replaceable Unit ("CRU") Program

Summary: Dell EMC has a Customer Replaceable Unit ("CRU") program for many of our hardware systems. The CRU program allows customers to replace designated hardware components. For a list of theSee more

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Dell EMC has a Customer Replaceable Unit ("CRU") program for many of our hardware systems. The CRU program allows customers to replace designated hardware components. For a list of the hardware components that are designated as CRU for a specific hardware system, please visit the  Dell EMC Warranty and Maintenance Page

Requesting a Hardware Replacement Part

Customers with systems that are configured for dial home (SRS/email) will have a service request (SR) opened automatically. A customer without dial home capability can request a hardware replacement part by opening an SR with Dell EMC Customer Service. Once opened, the customer will be contacted to determine if they would be willing to replace their customer replaceable parts and to verify the shipment address, phone number and to provide a ship to contact name. Once the SR is processed and the part is shipped, the customer will receive an email (if Dell EMC has the customer’s email address on file) containing the shipment status of their hardware replacement part, along with instructions on how to return the defective hardware component. Included in the shipment are the hardware replacement part and return shipping instructions along with a shipping label. Delivery of hardware replacement parts is based on the Customer Service offering assigned to the Dell EMC Product. Descriptions of Dell EMC Customer Service offerings can be found within the Dell EMC Warranty and Maintenance Page



The customer has the option to sign up for AutoCRU.   The AutoCRU program indicates that the customer will always replace a customer replaceable part without communication prior to part dispatch.  The customer will receive an email indicating that a part was dispatched.  The return process has not changed.  All failed parts must be returned to Dell EMC unless the customer has a valid part retention contract.

FRU field assist

Dell EMC initiated a new program in CY2020.  This program allows a customer to replace field replaceable parts (not CRU) under the remote guidance of a customer engineer.  The return process has not changed.  All failed parts must be returned to Dell EMC unless the customer has a valid part retention contract.

For VNX and CLARiiON, the Drive Replacement Utility (DRU) must be run to determine if your disk drive is eligible for customer replacement. The DRU is a feature of Dell EMC Unisphere™ Service Manager (USM), which is downloadable from the EMC Online Support site (Downloads). To expedite the drive replacement, you should run the DRU prior to submitting a Service Request for a suspected drive failure regardless of the Support Option associated with the storage platform in question. If you do not run the DRU prior to calling EMC, an EMC Customer Support technician will provide remote assistance with the DRU installation and execution.

If the DRU determines the drive to be customer replaceable and you have a ProSupportNBD or Basic Support Option, Dell EMC will ship the applicable part to you for your replacement. If you have a ProSupportMC or ProSupport Plus Support Option, you have the option of replacing the customer-replaceable drives yourself.

If the DRU determines that the drive is not customer-replaceable, or that due to the condition of the drive, it should not be replaced by a customer, Dell EMC will dispatch a field engineer in accordance with your selected Support Option.

VNXe 3150/3300 and VNXe1600/3200 and other Dell EMC systems have built in diagnostics that validate the ability for the drive to be replaced without additional training.

If you have a Basic or ProSupportNBD Support Contract, DellEMC may charge you for the labor time and travel expense to install customer-replaceable units (CRUs), or to assist with service activities defined as CPTs in several instances, including:

  • Customer Refusal to Run the Diagnostics  - if a customer does not run the required diagnostics or be willing to follow documented procedures then Dell EMC will dispatch a field engineer to determine if the drive needs replacing, and if so, to perform the replacement at your expense.
  • Replacement of a CRU or Performance of a Service Activity - If you request Dell EMC to perform the service activity—either part replacement or other service event that is not included in your Support Option— Dell EMC will dispatch a field engineer at your expense to perform the service activity.

Once the CRU has been received by the customer, we recommend generating specific steps using SoLVe and videos in English with localized subtitles in 9 languages or you can  visit the appropriate Support by Product page within the Dell EMC Online support site for specific instructions on installing the hardware replacement parts:

Dell EMC Product

Applicable Instructions

Dell EMC Unity

  1. Go to Dell EMC Online Support
  2. Type in Avamar to the right of "Support"
  3. Select Avamar Data Store and the specific model
  4. Select documentation
  5. Select customer replaceable videos at CRU videos

Or go direct to customer replaceable videos at CRU videos

1. Go to Dell EMC Online Support
2. Type PowerStore part replacement in search box
3. Select specific document required
Data Domain
1. Go to Dell EMC Online Support
2. Go to Support by Product page
3. Click on "All Products A-Z" after "Find a Product"
4. Go to the specific Data Domain modelSearch for part replacement

Once your replacement part ships, you will receive an email notification (if a valid email address is provided to Dell EMC) and return instructions. This communication may come from On Process Technology, who has been contracted by Dell EMC to manage our asset returns. You should return the replaced part to Dell EMC within five (5) Business Days from when you receive a replacement CRU component (5-10 Business Days for customers located outside of the U.S.) as stated in the instructions included with your return shipping materials. It is the responsibility of the customer to return to Dell EMC all replaced parts (including CRUs) using the return shipping materials supplied to you unless you have a valid part retention contract with Dell EMC.

Please complete the following steps to return spares to Dell EMC: 

  • Place the defective part into the box in which the good part was received and seal it appropriately.
  • Complete the Return Airway Bill and affix it to the box.  Remember to record the waybill tracking number for your records.   The Order No. is found on the original Dell EMC packing label on the box.
  • Arrange to have the part picked up by the carrier on the waybill or utilize a drop-off location nearest to your area for the carrier to pick up. Note: Asia customers, follow the instructions in your return kit, please contact the 3rd Party logistics provider to organize collection of your Dell EMC part return.

If you need to amend your booking, please contact DHL and quote your Task ID number.

To return a part:

1. Place the return part into the box provided. Seal the box. 2. Attach Red Label for a defective return or Green Label for an
un-used return.
3. Hand part over to DHL courier
who will collect your part in 3 business days.
SLN322301_en_US__1return_part_1 SLN322301_en_US__2return_part_2 SLN322301_en_US__3return_part_3

Please retain a copy of the Shipping label for proof of return, which will be emailed to you prior to collection.

In the rare event you are replacing a Lithium Ion Battery, please use the provided return materials and do not remove or cover any Lithium Ion Warning/Caution labels. These labels have been designed to adhere to federal Dangerous Goods shipping requirements.  Please be aware that Li-Ion batteries cannot be returned via plane, but only by ship or road/rail.

Returns must be made within 5 business days of receipt to avoid collection activities.   If you are returning an unused part, please affix the green "Unused Part" label to the outside of the box.

If you require a new return kit, or for any questions or assistance regarding this return shipment, please contact

For more details on how Dell EMC handles returned disk drives, please view the Dell EMC Disk Drive Handling Process document, located within Online support at drive handling/sanitation process

Should the customer have further issues installing the CRU, they should contact Dell EMC Customer Service and reference the original Service Request identification number.

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