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PowerEdge HDD: What is predicted Drive Failure and how to solve it?

Summary: When too many errors are detected, the disk is flagged as "Predictive Failure"

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The following article provides information about Predictive Failure on a Hard drive.

What is predicted Drive Failure and how to solve it?

Periodically, a Patrol Read is launched on a Virtual Disk. This is a consistency check on the RAID and of the hard drives composing the Virtual Drive. 

If the consistency check finds bad blocks, it marks them as bad and reallocates the information to another section of this disk.

A disk is always a bit bigger than specified, so it has room to relocate some bad blocks. This can also be a firmware or a reporting issue so it is recommended to update the firmware before any drive replacement.




Perform a backup before any steps are taken.

Perform firmware updates to the Hard DriveRAID controller, BIOS and iDRAC to ensure that they are running the latest firmware. This is to ensure that all reporting information is up-to-date and correct.

More information about firmware update can be located in KB 000128194 here.

SLN305727_en_US__1icon Note: Reboot required to complete firmware install for RAID card.

If you are running Dell OpenManage Server Administrator, ensure that you are running latest version of OMSA - refer to KB 000132087 and 000179481 - Windows Linux 


If the hard drive is still showing predictive failure after updates. A hard drive replacement is required.

Export the Raid controller log using KB articles OMSA (000126422) or iDRAC9 (000126308) / iDRAC7+8. (000126803)

Send log to Dell tech support for further review. 

Offline the disk and replace hard drive.

Replace it with a new physical disk of equal or higher capacity and perform the Replace Member operation. The Replace Member operation allows you to copy data from a source physical disk of a virtual disk. To a target physical disk that is not a part of the virtual disk.
Additional Information:

SLN305727_en_US__1icon Note: This article is part of the Server Tutorials: "Raid and Disks" available here.

Predictive Failures can occur due to hard drive errors detected by SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology). Or due to RAID Array errors such as a Double Fault or a Puncture (KB 000139251).

More troubleshooting and/or maintenance may be require to ensure the health of the array.

How to troubleshoot various Hard Drive, RAID, and PERC Controller issues (KB 000110444)

PERC - What Proactive and Preventative Maintenance should be performed on a RAID Array? (KB 000138763)

PERC - How to Fix a RAID Puncture (KB 000134192)

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Servers, PowerEdge, Storage

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10 Jun 2022



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