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How to obtain iDRAC Enterprise licenses from Dell Digital Locker

Summary: This article provides information about how to obtain iDRAC Enterprise licenses from Dell Digital Locker (DDL).

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This article provides information about how to obtain iDRAC Enterprise licenses from Dell Digital Locker (DDL).

Table of Contents

  1. What is DDL?
  2. DDL Introduction Email
  3. DDL Registration
  4. Product Registration
  5. Get the iDRAC License Key.

1. What is DDL?

Dell Digital Locker (DDL) is a support tool that is used to manage purchased software products. The DDL can be used to confirm the Partner Activation Code (PAC) of the VMware product. For other products, DDL can be used to obtain the license, manage subscriptions, download software, and so on.

2.DDL Introduction Email

The DDL introduction email is sent to the address registered at the time of product purchase.
Follow the steps in the email, log in to the DDL and register.

3. DDL Registration

Follow these instructions to register for DDL:

  1. Access the DDL from either support page search function or Welcome to Dell Digital Locker page.
  2. If you have the My Account with the email address that is registered at the time of purchase, click Sign In.

If you do not have the My Account, click Create Dell Account and create the account with the email address that received the DDL introduction email.

  1. If the Dell Software License Agreement is displayed after signing in, read the terms and click Yes, I agree.

 SLN321454_en_US__1icon Note: If the email address is unknown, Dell Customer Care support can change it. Prepare and inform them of the order number that is related to the license.  

 Now you can use the DDL.

4. Product Registration

For some products purchased through a partner, it may be necessary to register the product before using the DDL.
Follow the steps below to register your product.

  1. The product registration email is sent from
  2. Log in to the DDL with the email address that is used at the time of purchase or used for assigning software licenses.
  3. Open the Product registration page on the DDL.
  4. Enter the registration code that is described in the registration email and click Submit.
  5. Enter the required information to the software registration form (owner registration).
  6. After registration, confirm that the registered product is displayed on the Products screen.

It may take time for the owner’s registration to show in the Dell system. After registration, if your product is not displayed on the Products screen, wait for a while and check again.

See How to register your product for more details.

5. Get the iDRAC License Key

  1. Once registered, go back to the Dell Digital Locker home page and you can find the order information in the historical order history, click the corresponding order number, and go to the Order Details page.
  2. Select the iDRAC License to download from the order details to enter the product details.
  3. Check that Service Tag is correct from the product details and click "Keys available for download."
  4. Select the required authorization file acquisition method and click Submit.
  5. Once you have the authorization file compression package, extract the iDRAC Enterprise XML authorization file to be found in the directory.
  1. Log in to iDRAC Web interface, choose Licenses from the Configuration options, and click Import.
  1. Click Choose File to find the iDRAC Enterprise XML authorization file you just downloaded, click Upload, and prompt the import is successful.
  1. Close the iDRAC Web and log in again to the iDRAC Web to see the Enterprise authorization take effect.





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