SC Storage Customer Notification: Deduplication Operation can result in unexpected system behavior

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This article explains an issue where the use of the SC Deduplication feature on SCOS 7.3.2 and SCOS 7.3.3 can result in an internal system or external application read failure. 

Problem Detail:
During the process of ingesting new data into the deduplication engine, a locking error can occur that may prevent successful internal IO completion.  This may or may not have any impact on system or application functionality.  In cases where an impact becomes apparent, a read IO failure will occur.  Depending on the source of the read request (host application vs. internal system process), a user may notice a controller reset, stuck system configuration requests, an unrecoverable application timeout/failure, or other similar error.
Affected Versions:
SCOS 7.3.2 and SCOS 7.3.3 versions with Data Deduplication enabled
Storage Centers running SCOS 7.3.2 and SCOS 7.3.3 should pause Data Deduplication until an upgrade to SCOS 7.3.4 has been completed
Upgrade to SCOS 7.3.4

Note: The 7.3.4 upgrade has been automatically assigned to systems running 7.3.2 or 7.3.3 with Deduplication enabled. It is no longer necessary to contact Support to perform pre or post upgrade checks as these processes were built into SCOS versions starting with 7.3.1.


SLN314446_en_US__1icon Important: Data Deduplication should be paused until the upgrade to 7.3.4 has been completed

  Contact Dell Support if there are questions or concerns with the upgrade process. 

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Dell Storage SC9000, Dell Storage SC5020F, Dell Storage SC7020, Dell Storage SC8000, Dell Compellent SC4020, Dell Storage SCv3000, Dell Storage SC7020F, Dell Storage SC5020, Dell Storage SCv3020

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20 Nov 2020



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