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Dell Repository Manager (DRM)

Summary: The Dell Repository Manager (DRM) ensures that Dell PowerEdge servers are up to date with the latest BIOS, driver, firmware, and software. DRM allows you to create repositories of customized components and updates, create groups of related updates for systems running the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating system and generate comparison reports and update baselines of custom repositories. ...

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Dell Repository Manager (DRM) is an application within the Dell OpenManage portfolio that allows IT Administrators to manage system updates. Dell Repository Manager provides a searchable interface that is used to create custom software collections that are known as bundles and repositories of Dell Update Packages (DUPs).

NOTE: Dell Catalogs are refreshed weekly on Fridays
NOTE: Microsoft Office 365 email is not supported.  
NOTE: Dell Repository Manager does not require a license.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the Dell Repository Manager (DRM)?
  2. Resources
  3. How does the Dell Repository Manager Work?
  4. Release Summary


See the Resolution section.


1. What is the Dell Repository Manager (DRM)?

Dell Repository Manager (DRM) is an application within the Dell OpenManage portfolio that allows IT Administrators to manage system updates. Dell Repository Manager provides a searchable interface that is used to create custom software collections that are known as bundles and repositories of Dell Update Packages (DUPs). For more information, see Dell Knowledge Base article Dell Update Package. These bundles and repositories allow for the deployment of multiple firmware updates at once.

A Dell Update Package (DUP) is a self-contained executable in a standard package format that updates a specific software element on a Dell server or storage, such as the BIOS, a device driver, firmware, and other similar software updates.

Also, Dell Repository Manager makes it easier to find and download specific updates for a particular platform, which saves time.

NOTE: The Dell Repository Manager (DRM) can only be installed on Windows or Linux operating systems.

Available features

  • Compare differences between two repositories at both the bundle and component level.
  • Allows you to create deployment tools using your custom repository
  • Available for Dell Data Center (Server and Storage)
  • Integrates with Dell systems management products such as Dell OpenManage Enterprise and the Dell Management Plugin for VMware vCenter
  • Automates the creation of custom repositories by reading inventory information from these consoles and creates updates that are newer than what is installed

2. Dell Repository Manager Resources


The latest version of Dell Repository Manager (DRM):

For the complete list of enhancements and issues that are resolved, see the DRM Readme file in this release, available with the User Guide. 



To access the documents, select the DRM version on this link Dell Repository Manager versions, and then click the "Documents" tab. The User's Guide and additional documents: "Troubleshooting Guide," "Quick Start Guide" and "Release Notes" are displayed.


This playlist provides tutorials to use the features of the Repository Manager. Click in the upper left corner to display the list of available videos.

In this playlist, you find resources to:
  • Adding new Bundles
  • Setting Application Preferences 
  • Using CMC Inventory to Create Custom Repositories 
  • Creating a Custom Bootable ISO 
  • Creating a Custom Catalog and downloading the update 
  • Creating a custom Smart Deployment Script Pack 
  • Creating a Custom Server Update Utility and other videos.
Other Videos:  

3. How does the Dell Repository Manager Work?

DRM allows an IT administrator to either manually create a repository of updates or integrate with other Dell tools like OpenManage Enterprise v3.0+, Dell EMC OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter, OpenManage Integration with Microsoft System Center, Chassis Management Controller, or iDRAC to automate the creation of a custom repository. Once a repository is created, an IT administrator can schedule searches for new updates, saving time otherwise spent manually searching through the Dell support site. An administrator can also create custom deployment tools such as custom catalogs using Dell Tools, a custom server update utility, scripted deployment packs, or bootable ISOs.

DRM connects to Dell online catalog of updates that contains information about the available Dell Update Packages (DUPs). Once a user selects updates, Dell Repository Manager downloads the specific requested files.

Dell Repository Manager automates the refresh of repositories with the latest version of update packages or runs a comparison and let an administrator select which new updates to include in the repository. DRM can then be used to create deployment tools from the contents of a repository.

4. Release Summary

What's New + Downloads

  What's New Date
  • Job Scheduling
    • Schedule an Export Job on a cadence
  • Command-line Interface (CLI) mode Extended support
    • Delete Catalog in CLI
October 20, 2023
  • Restricted access or System Access privileges
    • Dell Repository Manager can be installed with Restricted access or System Access on Windows operating systems.
  • Command-line Interface (CLI) mode Extended support
    • Edit repository name in CLI
    • List the integration groups in CLI
    • Create a repository for specific integration groups in CLI
    • Provide passwords in interactive mode in CLI
  • JRE Updated
16 January 2023
  • DRM Java runtime environment (JRE) is upgraded.
  • Catalog import supports new Public Keys.
  • DRM not installing on some x86 hardware is addressed.
9 June 2022
  • Create a PowerEdge Platform Bootable ISO right from the tool bar.
  • Smart Bootable ISO enhanced with option to auto-reboot when run on a PowerEdge Server.
  • Enhanced security with Database password encryption
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 11 and Ubuntu 20.04
31 March 2022
  • The Location is not valid, or an Access denied message is displayed in the browser window.
  • DRM becomes unresponsive when you click Ok in No update available for product wizard and an error message DRM connection lost is displayed.
  • Issue with DRM connection lost message when clicking ok button of help button.
  • The integration of Dell OpenManage Integration for Microsoft System center (OMIMSSC) repository creation when you use special characters.
13 August 2021
  • Issue with setting the proxy credentials.
  • Issue with importing a DUP (supported for all systems) one by one to multiple bundles in a repository.
  • Issue with scheduling a refresh job at 12:00 AM.
  • Issue with having an iDRAC component in the custom script of a smart bootable.
  • Enhanced way of displaying the message when a filter is applied.
  • Enhanced the use of custom scripts
7 July 2020
  • Support for Ubuntu ® 18.04 LTS.
  • 2Extended Command-Line Interface (CLI) support for Repository creation for all supported integration types.
  • Extended Command-Line Interface (CLI) support for Repository Edit operations, including import of DUPs, Scheduling Repository Update.
  • Extended Command-Line Interface (CLI) support for configuration of Application preferences such as plugins, catalogs, proxy, and store path.
  • Enhanced update and delete features using filters category, component types, criticality, change type.
  • Asynchronous support for update and deployment operations in CLI
  • Improved UI experience in Application preferences
  • Includes support for dependency DUPs
  • Improved UI experience and issue fixes
3 January 2020
  • Enhanced user experience for OpenManage Enterprise repository creation
  • Enhanced user experience for OpenManage Integration for Microsoft System Center repository creation
  • Option to replace the default script in Smart Bootable ISO.
  • Option to replace the default script in Smart Deployment Script.
  • Automatic Dell System Update through Smart Deployment Script and Smart Bootable ISO
  • Improved UI experience in Compare Window.
  • Enhanced usability experience in manual repository creation and manual bundle addition
  • Sign verification for all artifacts that are downloaded and used in the application.
  • Provides support only for the HTTPS protocol
29 March 2019
  • Support for Dell MX Platform
  • Signature validation during DUP import enhancements
  • Improved filter and compare options.
  • Support to connect with Dell OpenManage Enterprise and Dell Integration for System Center Virtual Machine Manager consoles.
1 November 2018
  • Run OM Essentials and DRM on the same system.
  • Support to create a folder when building a deployment tool.
  • Delete components enhancements.
  • Support to export only catalog files for the repository.

2 May 2018

v 3.0
  • New HTML5-based interface
  • Both Linux and Windows versions with the same features, functionality, and appearance
  • Command-Line interface (CLI) options - allowing for customized automation of routine processes.
  • New work flows for creating repositories
  • Easy to select the platforms, operating system, and wanted devices
  • Repository versionings for rollback (or forward)
  • Web Service API for support of future Dell consoles
  • Migration of repositories already created with DRM 2.2 during installation of DRM 3.0
  • Able to delete Multiple Repositories at once
  • Create Deployment tools for multiple Repositories at once.
  • Smart Bootable ISO and Smart Scripted Deployment Packs -- featuring Dell System Update (DSU) for orchestration of the update process.
  • Automate discovering and loading of new Catalogs.

29 Jan 2018

Table 1: What's New + Downloads

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