Chorley Council

    • Small city undergoes a big IT transformation

    • Chorley Council needed to modernize its outdated data backup and protection environment to make critical government services available to citizens at all times. The Council accelerated its digital transformation by deploying an end-to-end Dell EMC Data Protection solution that has reduced disaster recovery from days to 12 hours, saved money, lowered weekly backup administration time and completed an IT transformation.

      Chorley Council is a local government serving 110,000 residents in the town of Chorley in the United Kingdom. To enable a digital transformation and enhance citizens’ lives while reducing costs, the Council replaced an aging NetApp environment with Dell EMC Data Protection solutions. The Council uses Dell EMC Data Protection Software, Data Domain Virtual Edition and Data Domain Boost to back up 80 VMware virtual servers and Citrix virtual desktops to on-site Dell EMC Data Domain appliances. It also uses Dell EMC Cloud Disaster Recovery software to replicate backups to Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a result, the Council cut disaster recovery times from days to 12 hours, reduced weekly backup administration time and gained more time to focus on helping citizens. In addition, the Council has achieved cost savings from lower heating, cooling and rental expenses, and it has completed its IT transformation.

    • “With Dell EMC Data Protection, VMware and AWS, we’ve completed a significant IT transformation, eliminated our DR site and improved the lives of residents. That adds up to substantial cost savings related to heating, cooling and rent and hopefully makes for a happier society.”

      Emma Marshall, CT and Programme Manager, Chorley Council

    • Modernizing to improve citizens’ lives

      Chorley Council moved beyond and the frustrations of aging IT infrastructure, and using Dell EMC Cloud DR to replicate its backups to AWS, it’s eliminated its physical DR site. Now its always-on digital services can help residents at a far lower delivery cost.

    • Transforming IT and preserving resources

      Chorley Council saved time, money and energy on disaster recovery and data protection by undergoing a complete IT transformation with Dell EMC. It even eliminated its physical DR site, saving heating, cooling and rental expenses.

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    • Customer: Chorley Council
      Industry: Federal Government
      Location: United Kingdom

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