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    • As organizations increasingly look to the cloud to improve performance and efficiency, cloud data backup has become a critical priority for IT teams everywhere. Organizations must ensure that data in the cloud is protected from loss, corruption, theft and compromise, but the complexity of cloud computing creates significant expense and management challenges.

      Data protection solutions help customers transform their approach to cloud data backup, providing cloud disaster recovery, long-term retention, in-cloud backup and hybrid cloud backup that can help reduce the cost and complexity of protecting data assets in the cloud. 

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      Protect the business value of your data with industry-leading data protection solutions from Dell Technologies.

    • The obstacles to cloud data backup

    • To be effective and cost-efficient, your cloud data backup must address several key challenges.

      • Speed of backups. Cloud data backups that rely on Wide Area Network connectivity often suffer from limitations of bandwidth, latency or reliability. Finding a way to accelerate backups and minimize backup windows is essential to enabling long-term cloud data backup solutions.
      • Complexity of backups. Cloud data backups may involve backing up data from private, public and hybrid cloud environments, and integrating backups with data from on-premises storage. Minimizing the complexity of backups is critical to avoiding additional administrative burden on IT teams.
      • Compliance needs. Compliance is a chief concern for many organizations moving to the cloud, as control over data and ownership of IT assets must be shared with cloud service providers. While ensuring that cloud data backups, service providers and the organization are compliant with regulatory frameworks is imperative, managing compliance requirements cost-effectively is also paramount.
      • Scalability. The volume of data that most organizations must manage continues to grow exponentially, requiring cloud data backup solutions that can easily scale to meet evolving demands.
      • Cost. As organizations move more data to the cloud and as cloud environments continues to grow in complexity, the cost of storage for cloud data backup can quickly spiral out of control. Any solution for cloud data backup must provide ways to minimize storage footprints and allow IT teams to protect more data with fewer resources.

    • Cloud data backup solutions from Dell Technologies

    • Dell Technologies, a global leader in data protection solutions for businesses of every size, provides a complete portfolio of enterprise backup software, hardware, solutions and services for cloud data backup. Dell technology solves the challenges of cloud data backup with solutions that minimize the cost, complexity and management burden of managing data protection in the cloud.

      Dell cloud data backup technology includes solutions for:

      • Cloud backup: Whether you want to leverage cloud computing now or in the near future, Dell cloud backup provides cloud-enabled data protection solutions that deliver low-cost, deduplicated public cloud object storage for all backup copies.
      • Cloud disaster recovery: Cloud Disaster Recovery delivers a simpler, faster and more cost-efficient way to recover on-site locations, cloud locations and virtual environments.
      • Long-term retention: Cloud Tier natively tiers deduplicated data to the cloud while reducing protection storage footprints to make long-term retention more cost-effective.
      • VMware cloud protection: Dell enables you to use one solution to protect hybrid cloud workloads that include VMware Cloud on AWS.

    • Advantages of cloud data backup with Dell Technologies

    • With Dell Technologies, you can overcome all the challenges of managing cloud data backup.

      Data Protection Suite minimizes the cost of cloud data backup in several ways. Faster hybrid cloud backups help to minimize WAN costs and mitigate the loss of productivity that occurs when long backups impact application performance.

      Dell Technologies can also reduce hardware required for cloud data backups. The cost of compliance is less as well, thanks to policy-driven backup management that simplifies the task of managing and demonstrating compliance. Advanced deduplication technology enables organizations to minimize their storage footprint, reducing the cost of storing backup data in the cloud.

      The ease with which IT administrators can manage backups not only reduces the complexity and administrative burden of cloud data backup, but also reduces the cost of staff resources required to configure and monitor backups on a daily basis.

    • Dell technology for cloud data backup

    • Dell products that support cloud data backup include:

      • PowerProtect DD series appliances: Industry-leading scalable, reliable and cloud-enabled backup appliances are the foundation for Dell cloud data backup solutions, enabling disaster recovery, long-term retention and backup of applications in and to the cloud.
      • PowerProtect DP series appliances, formerly Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), all-in-one data protection software and storage in a single appliance that delivers backup, replication, recovery, search and analytics. Easy to deploy and manage, they can help consolidate data protection software and hardware for any size organization.
      • PowerProtect Data Manager offers software defined data protection, automation, operational agility, and self-service backup and recovery.
      • Cloud Tier natively tiers data to public, private or hybrid cloud environments for long-term retention. Advanced deduplication minimizes storage footprints to greatly reduce the cost of cloud data backup storage.
      • Cloud Disaster Recovery makes it easy to copy backed-up VMs from their on-premises environments to the public cloud, simplifying orchestration and automation of DR testing, DR failover and failback.
      • PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager is a SaaS solution that helps discover, orchestrate and automate the protection of workloads across multiple clouds.

    • FAQs about cloud data backup

    • What is cloud data backup?

      Cloud data backup is a data protection strategy that involves copying data stored on-premises and/or in the cloud to an off-site server in the cloud. 

      What are cloud data backup use cases?

      Cloud data backup use cases include:

      • Backup of on-premises data to public cloud object storage, typically involving short-term backups for operational recovery.
      • Backup for long-term retention and compliance requirements.

      What are the benefits of cloud data backup?

      Potential benefits of cloud data backup include:

      • Reduced costs through usage-based pricing
      • Greater scalability
      • Simpler management
      • Reduced infrastructure needs and cost

      What are the drawbacks of cloud data backup?

      Potential drawbacks of cloud data backup (which may be overcome with the right backup solution) include:

      • Slower speed of backup, depending on bandwidth and latency.
      • Increasing costs as larger volumes of data are stored in the cloud.
      • Loss of control when data is moved off premises.
      • Greater difficulty demonstrating compliance, as organizations must share control of backup data with cloud service providers.

      What is archiving vs. cloud data backup?

      A cloud data backup is a copy of data that can be used to restore the original when data is lost, corrupted, stolen or compromised. Data archiving involves keeping a selection of data for long-term retention for compliance, historical records and other purposes.

      Can Dell back up Oracle, SAP and other information systems to the cloud?

      Yes. Dell provides solutions for Oracle backup, SAP backup and backup of other business-critical technology systems.

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      PowerProtect DP series appliances, the next generation of Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), offer complete data backup, replication and recovery, all in one.