• Driving Multicloud adoption while conserving cash for growth

      A do-it-yourself approach to Multicloud data service often leads to data sprawl and duplicate data in each cloud, spawning management headaches and driving storage costs into the stratosphere. That’s where Faction Inc., a Dell Technologies Gold Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and Tech Connect Select partner, comes into play.

      Efficiently injecting capital into its business as it grows to meet expanding customer demands, is an issue that Faction addressed by turning to Dell Financial Services.**

    • Aligning technology expenses with revenues

      There are many ways to fund a growing business, but Faction found a better way to match cash outlay with forecast revenue, combining Dell Financial Services rates with a custom payment structure, resulting in an inexpensive way to fund Dell service delivery infrastructure purchases and ancillary purchases.

    • Financing capital purchases with Dell Financial Services is a perfect match for our financial objectives.

      Derek Pilling, Chief Financial Officer, Faction
    • Efficiently updating infrastructure and user technology

      The DFS three-year Technology Rotation program is the most cost-effective way to keep technology updated and helps Faction better manage the life cycles of its IT infrastructure and employee endpoints.
      “We can focus more on growth and serving customers and less on keeping gear updated, using the DFS Technology Rotation program,” says Josh Ferris, director of procurement at Faction. “This simplifies and streamlines procurement, saving us time too.”

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    • Customer: FACTION
      Industry: Information Technology
      Location: United States

      • Integrations

      • Dell Financial Services

        Accelerate and enhance digital transformation with a planned refresh of assets that can help overcome challenges throughout the technology lifecycle.

    • **Subject  to  credit  approval,  product  availability,  applicable  law,  and  documentation  provided  by  Dell  Financial  Services.  Restrictions  and  additional  requirements  may  apply  to transactions  with  governmental  or  public  entities.  FINANCE  LEASE: At  the  end  of  the  initial  FINANCE  LEASE  term,  lessee  may  1)  purchase  the  equipment  for  $1  or  2)  return the  equipment  to  DFS.  FAIR  MARKET  VALUE  (“FMV”)  LEASE: At  the  end  of  the  initial  FMV  Lease  term,  lessee  May  1)  purchase  the  equipment  for  the  then  FMV,  2)  renew  the lease  or  3)  return  the  equipment  to  DFS.