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    The Windows for IoT platform has multiple editions, each optimized for specific scenarios. When paired with Dell Technologies Design Solutions infrastructure, they provide long-life with 10+ years of support

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    • Smarter security for a transforming world

      Smarter security for a transforming world

      Graymatics is transforming the world of closed-circuit television (CCTV) to help ensure the safety of rapidly increasing urban populations from student campuses to mega cities.

    • Dell Technologies Solutions for Safety and Security

      Dell Technologies Edge and IoT Solutions for Safety and Security

      Envision a safer world where a robust computer vision platform helps to protect what matters most. A new enterprise-grade, end-to-end Computer Vision Solution, utilizing the latest technology from Dell and Intel, takes a complex and challenging infrastructure and makes it simple to test, validate and deploy.

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      From CTO-level discussions that define a vision to product design and prototyping, we create a bridge between your initial product ideas and actionable implementation plans. We’ll show you what’s possible then work together to devise a roadmap.

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