• Business Resiliency Services

    • Achieve business resiliency for your non-stop digital business

      Dell Technologies Services enables organizations to be highly resilient as their business relies more heavily on cloud-based IT services, alongside increasing pressure from stakeholders and regulators. Our expert consultants work with you every step of the way to transform how you approach recovering from a cyber attack, reducing planned and unplanned downtime and protecting data for application-centric operating models. Our methodologies apply industry best practices to optimize your business resiliency strategies for your unique business needs.

    • Achieve a highly resilient business


      Recover from a destructive cyber attack.

      Develop your strategy for a last line of defense from attacks such as ransomware. It’s crucial to take a holistic approach which integrates three key components.

      • Purpose-built, air-gap recovery vault
      • A business process focused recovery strategy
      • A team prepared to continually test and improve processes

      Reduce planned and unplanned downtime.

      Enable a more fine-grained approach to recover which reduces planned and unplanned downtime.

      • Group applications for recovery based on business priority
      • Operate across on-premise and cloud-based workloads
      • Gain data center efficiencies
    • Cloud Security and Data Protection

      Protect data and secure Microsoft Azure operating environments

      Enable key capabilities which increase visibility, protect networks and backup data.

      • Proactively monitor and respond to threats
      • Decrease risk by securing networks
      • Enable recovery of apps and data

    • Resiliency Services for Microsoft Azure

      As critical data expands across multiple platforms and clouds, it becomes increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, accidental deletion and corruption. For organizations utilizing Azure, leverage Dell Services to work with you to provide your organization with holistic capabilities that increase resilience, so that you can successfully restore, respond and recover from rapidly evolving threats.

    • Optimize your business resiliency strategy.

      In today’s world of always-on business, a robust resiliency strategy is a must in order to minimize risk and costly outages. Transforming architectures, infrastructure and operating model are key to ensure you are protected across application centric and multicloud environments.

      To achieve a highly resilient business, Dell Technologies Consulting Services focuses on three critical components to help you achieve a highly resilient business: enabling recovery from a destructive cyber attack, optimizing data protection infrastructure and operations, and ensuring application availability amidst an outage.


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