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Add Transfer MyPC

You have just received a new Dell computer system but you realise that all your applications, files, emails, address book and other settings are still on your old computer system. Do you have the hours and the expertise to migrate your applications, settings and files using CD-Rs or USB drives? The solution is Transfer MyPC with Application Mover. Easily migrate applications, data and settings from your old computer to your new Dell system to ensure you are up and running quickly.

Why do you need Transfer MyPC with Application Mover?

  1. Application Migration:

    You can migrate your favourite applications from your old computer to your new Dell PC, Notebook or Netbook. Note: Applications must be compatible with the new computer’s operating system and not need a unique license for each computer it is installed on. If specific hardware is required in order to use an application, please ensure this is present on the new computer prior to running Transfer My PC.

  2. Files and Settings migration:

    Do you know where to find all your settings, email, address book, internet settings and data files on your old computer? Let Transfer MyPC do the work for you.

  3. Save time and eliminate frustration:

    Migration has never been faster! One Gigabyte in two minutes at typical network speeds.

  4. Select just what you want to transfer:

    You have complete control over what is being transferred so you don't have to move outdated or unused applications or data to your new computer.

With Transfer MyPC with Application Mover you can ...

  1. Migrate your applications, data files and emails from your old computer to your new Dell system.

  2. Migrate all of your internet settings, email accounts, address book & favourites to your new Dell system.

  3. Utilise an easy step-by-step wizard to help migrate the hundreds of ways you may have customised your applications and operating system.

  4. Have complete control over what is being transferred.

Replace MyPC

Replacing your PC?

The Replace MyPC Suite is the smart, safe and easy way of moving to a new PC, Laptop or Mini. It's 3 powerful programmes will:

  • Transfer applications, personal settings & data from your old to your new PC, Laptop or Mini.
  • Back up this data on your new Dell system.
  • Securely Erase all data from your old PC if you wish.


So you have decided to replace your old PC and you want to start using your new one straight away. Data is often more valuable than the hardware you have just purchased. Have you thought about:

  • How you are going to bring across favourite applications, personal settings, documents, photos, MP3s, emails etc. from your old PC, so that you can replicate its look & feel on your new Dell and know where to find everything from the outset.
  • How best to provide ongoing protection for this data on your new Dell, so that you can restore your system immediately in the event of a virus or system failure.
  • How to wipe everything off the hard drive of your old computer to safeguard against anyone accessing personal information there (e.g. your financial, medical, business records etc.), after it has been retired.

Introducing the Replace MyPC Suite!

A new, unique suite, which brings together three premium products in one box to make the transition to your replacement PC, Laptop or Mini a cinch AND provide you with the means to wipe out and back up the data on your old and new PCs respectively; the all-in-one solution to relieve the headaches associated with moving to a new PC, today and well into the future.


  1. Data Security Assured

    Undoubtedly, the most valuable part of your old PC is all the data that you have amassed on it over time. The Replace My PC Suite has been created to ensure that this is delivered intact to your new PC and protected there into the future. It will also eliminate the danger of it ever falling into the wrong hands from your old PC, long after you have finished with it.

  2. Fast

    Save hours, even days, both in transferring your applications, data & personal settings to your replacement PC and in wiping the hard drive of your old PC clean, secure in the knowledge that you can verify the completeness of both operations in the end.

  3. Easy to Use

    The Replace MyPC Suite requires absolutely no technical knowledge. Clear, on-screen instructions in jargon-free language guarantee that even the novice user will sail through the process without a hitch.

  4. Peace of Mind

    Lauded by the international PC press, the component programs of the Replace MyPC Suite have all been tried & tested.

  5. Value For Money

    Three great programs at one very competitive price, which includes ongoing data backup on your new PC well into the future ...invaluable!

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