Dell Collaboration with Microsoft and Novell

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Today, Microsoft and Novell announced that Dell is the first major systems provider to join a collaboration between the two companies. One purpose of the collaboration is to promote interoperability between Windows Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise. Another is to provide intellectual property assurance to customers.

Under the agreement, Dell will purchase SUSE Linux Enterprise Server certificates from Microsoft and will establish a services and marketing program to help exisiting Linux customers who are not Dell Linux customers to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Update (5/10): This post has sparked a bit of controversy in the Linux community. Some folks like Peacimowen have asked if this agreement has any impact on our plans to offer Ubuntu. Bottom line, no it does not.

Others like TI, Steve, wonderingprint, dbyte and kosmo
have reacted negatively. Here’s the reality: this agreement is a part
of our overall Linux strategy. It’s a piece of our overall Linux
strategy in the server space, where we support Red Hat Enterprise and SUSE Linux Enterprise. Our Ubuntu plans are aimed at client systems. Dell’s interest here is to offer customers choice.

For more perspective on this topic, take a look at recent posts from Christopher Null and Alexander Wolfe. They’re on the right track.

Here’s a vlog from Judy Chavis, a Director in Dell’s Product Group for more about this development.

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