Latest XPS 700 Shipping Delay

While ramping production, we recently discovered an issue with the installation of the cooling assembly which could affect system stability. Though it’s a rare occurrence, we made decision to delay XPS 700 shipments worldwide because of this issue. We’ve identified the problem, are implementing a fix, and plan to resume shipping very soon. Once we resume shipping, we plan to work through our backlog of orders as quickly as possible.

For new customers, we’re quoting a mid-October ship date. For customers who ordered systems previously, we are currently communicating lead times up to 4-8 weeks out from today. Estimated ship dates depend on several factors, so I can’t provide more specific timing than that. This does not mean that all customers will wait up to 4 weeks or more for their order to ship—we’ll make every attempt to ship customers’ systems prior to the estimated ship date.

To Dell Canada customers and EMEA customers that may not have seen my earlier comments: One of the main questions
I’ve been getting in e-mails and Direct2Dell comments is this: Are non-U.S
customers eligible for the Core 2 upgrade option? The answer is yes. 
If you’d rather keep the Pentium D-based system you originally ordered, you may get your system sooner, and will be entitled to a special offer
from Dell.  These will vary by region.  Just like in the U.S., a centralized regional callback team will be contacting customers. Please be patient. 

I’d like to apologize for the delays and the frustration they have caused our XPS 700 customers. Moving forward, we’ll communicate details that will impact ship dates both here and on the Dell Community Forum as soon as we have the details to share.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca