XPS 700 International Customers; Custom Cable Inquiries

Some customers from Canada have pointed out that they were not given the option to upgrade their processor from a Pentium-D or choose a gift option like I had reported in an earlier post. My apologies to those people. Would recommend that you contact your sales representative directly to address these concerns. Otherwise, you can submit a comment to this blog entry with an email, phone number, order number that I won’t publish. I’ll get your information to teams that can help. 

For EMEA or Latin American customers: if you have outstanding issues, please send me your order details as a comment that I won’t publish. Again, I’ll get this information to teams that can help.

In my last XPS 700 post, I had said that the XPS 700 system we’ve offered will accommodate an industry-standard BTX system board. Several of you have asked me to elaborate on the custom cables that will be required. Don’t have further details to share yet. As a reminder, the Dell system board supports Pentium-D, Core 2 Duo processors, and Core 2 Extreme processors.

Working to clarify more details on the Sound Blaster X-Fi, and hope to have an update on the NVIDIA 7950 soon.  As always, want to thank each and every XPS 700 customer.  We’ll continue working through the backlog of orders as quickly as we can.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca