Seth Godin Was Right

You may have seen Seth Godin’s recent post about a Dell Small Business e-mail update that caused some discussion in the blogosphere. Kami Huyse asked us about it when she was here for the Social Media Club workshop that happened earlier this week.

While many of our customers do like to be up to speed on the latest deals, Seth makes a good point. To better serve our customers, we’re changing the process so customers who want the e-mail can choose to subscribe, instead of that process being automatic. Also, if a small business customer decides they no longer want the e-mail, they can go to the Subscription Center to unsubscribe.

I can’t take you directly to the page, because you’ll need to enter an e-mail address and then click on the Edit My Subscription or Unsubscribe link to complete the process.

Clicking on the image below will take you there:

We’re currently changing the language used in the e-mail to reflect this new development. I’ll share those changes when they are finalized.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca