XPS 700: Where We Are Today

Since I’m still getting lots of comments and questions from XPS 700 readers, I wanted to centralize some of the main XPS 700 topics so that we’re all on the same page.

Some readers complain about how much time you have to wait for updates. Our aim is to communicate details when we have confirmed them. It’s a disservice to Direct2Dell readers if I communicate updates before confirming them with the teams doing the work. The downside… this process takes time—even for things that may seem simple on the surface.

Readers continue to ask for several feature improvements on the XPS 700. Before I get to that list, wanted to mention some features we’ve added. Our recent BIOS update provides the following functionality:

Some of you have commented or asked whether Dell will make a motherboard upgrade available. Here’s what I said to Direct2Dell reader Kong57: “As of today, the answer would be no. That doesn’t mean that nothing will happen… Just being honest that no official decisions have been made.”

One thing that’s not supported in the plans for the next-gen desktop gaming product is NVIDIA’s DualNet (along with the accompanying FirstPacket and other network performance enhancement technologies) dual gigabit Ethernet controllers.

Here are other things that you have asked for. I’ve communicated each of these things to the development team. One caveat here: I’m not committing to anything on this list at this point in time, but these are areas we’re investigating for XPS 700 users:

  • SLI 800MHz memory support
  • BIOS overclocking functionality for the Core 2 processor
  • RAID 5 support
  • RAID 1+ 0 support
  • DTS audio codec

I’ll plan on providing updates on these issues when we have definitive details to share.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca