5 Things to Know About Today’s Job Seeker and Dell’s Renewed Job Site

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Whether you are a renter or home buyer, you know the importance of curb appeal in the real estate market. The impression you receive when you first lay eyes on a potential home shapes and influences your opinion before you even set foot inside the door. If the exterior of the home is unkempt and outdated, you automatically assume the interior must match.

Dell's Renewed JobSite

Dell's Rewnewed Job Site

The same can be said for a job seeker and a company’s career site. Today’s job seeker is accustomed to the flash, the engagement and the speed found on social media. They will visit several career sites in their quest for the best matched career for them. If a company’s career site does not impress the job seeker, influence their click through; they may dismiss the company even before they step foot inside the door.

With Deloitte’s prediction that millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025, it is imperative for employers to keep up with tech trends in order to attract today’s and the future’s top talent. As a leader in Digital Transformation, it only makes sense that Dell’s career site represents what it really is like once you step foot inside the door. In the redesign of their careers site, Dell referred to the job seeker of today and tomorrow to drive the new appearance and function of their site.

Following are 5 things about today’s and tomorrow’s job seekers that directly influenced Dell’s Careers site redesign,

  1. The #1 reason for choosing one job over another is company culture1

We spend the majority of our waking hours at work. So it comes as no surprise that a job seeker would desire to work for a company with a culture that aligns with their morals, ethics and work style. They want to fit in with their employer and teammates. To feel at home, when not at home.

Dell’s Culture Code defines how they work and lead. It is the foundation of Dell and they are proud to share their values with potential team members.


  1. 46% want to hear from directly from the employees 2

Job seekers trust the voice of the employee over the company’s. They want to visualize themselves working with an employer. And the best way to achieve that is to identify and relate to the current team members, to potentially see themselves in those individuals. This was a main driver behind Dell’s direction to only use images of team members in recruiting efforts – #nomorestockphotography.

Dell gives team members a voice to advocate for Dell – featuring videos, testimonials and images of team members sharing their experiences working at Dell throughout the career site. The Life at Dell and Careers at Dell social channels feed into the site showcasing with utmost transparency what Life at Dell is really like. Dell recognizes their team members are their best champions.


  1. 67% percent said that a diverse workforce is an important factor to them when considering companies and job offers.3

The job seeker realizes that an employer that embraces diversity and inclusion will have a better pathway towards long term success. Not because simply it is the right thing to do, but because a team of diverse backgrounds, with diverse thoughts and diverse ideas leads to better innovation.

For Dell, diversity and inclusion is a business imperative. They embrace and encourage the differences and similarities among their team members to further drive human progress.


  1. #1 predicted value from a prospective employer is flexible working conditions1

The workplace is changing. How people work is changing thanks in large part to today’s technology. Candidates value work life balance and appreciate the opportunity to work when and where fits best in their lives.

Dell’s Connected Workplace program started in 2009 and enables eligible team members to work in a variety of arrangements from full-time remote, to select days on campus, to job-sharing and more. The Legacy of Good goal strives for increasing global participation among Dell team members to 50% by 2020. Dell’s efforts towards a flexible work environment have continually won them recognition in the industry, Top 10 Employers for Flex Work by FlexJobs.


  1. Job seekers expect the same ease of use and functionality they see in apps and websites they use every day when searching and applying for a job.4

Dell’s new jobs site provides the job seeker with a one-stop, easily accessible resource for a transparent and authentic view into what it is like to work at Dell. The site is now a mobile-optimized platform catering to the majority of job seekers that search job opportunities on the go. Whether the job seeker is a student, military veteran or sales warrior – Dell’s new jobs site will accommodate their interests.


We encourage you to visit Dell’s newly revamped jobs site today!


About the Author: Amy Winebright

Amy Forbes Winebright Amy’s current role as the Global Employment Brand Project Manager at Dell seamlessly melds her earlier career in marketing and sales with more recent experience in brand marketing and human resources. She has worked with small start-up businesses where everyone wears several hats to large corporations. At the heart of it all she is a brand advocate who is thrilled to advocate for Dell, a powerhouse company that values innovation and growth much like a startup, truly the best of both worlds. Outside of work Amy spends time with her family, tries her green thumb out in the garden and loves to see the world through her Canon lens. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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