64 x 400GbE: A Faster, Greener Data Center

Data centers are scaling up to accommodate the continuous growth of network traffic.

The machine-to-machine traffic required by HPC, virtualization and cloud-based applications that are being rapidly adopted is resulting in bandwidth-hungry data centers. The arrival of faster storage such as NVMe is also having a similar effect. The amount of data and application traffic organizations must manage today drives the need to increase overall data center network throughput and capacity.

We’ve seen link speeds throughout data centers increase from 10/40GbE to 100/400GbE. The higher port density of 100/400GbE technology also helps lower capital and operating expenses, when compared to older connectivity infrastructure at 10/40Gbps. Fewer switches to purchase and manage¹, fewer cable and optic connections and lower power and cooling requirements result in optimal data center efficiency.

The new Dell PowerSwitch Z9664F-ON 100/400GbE fixed switch is the latest in Dell Technologies’ disaggregated hardware and software data center networking solutions, providing state-of-the-art, high-density 100/400GbE ports and a broad range of functionality to meet the growing demands of today’s data center environment. This next-generation open networking switch offers optimum flexibility and cost effectiveness for the demanding compute and storage traffic environments necessary for web 2.0, large enterprises and cloud service providers.

Graphic depicting Dell PowerSwitch portfolio by performance and pricing.

The Dell PowerSwitch Z9664F-ON enables the latest generation of servers, storage and HCI platforms to increase throughput while providing agility, automation and integration in the data center. In addition to higher density with 100/400 GbE speeds, the new Z9664F-ON helps simplify complex network design while reducing deployment and maintenance tasks when running Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies², SmartFabric OS10 with integrated SmartFabric Services or CloudIQ² for cloud-based monitoring, machine learning and predictive analytics.

This new Dell PowerSwitch open networking switch enhances the top end of our software-defined networking Z-series family of switches for the core to help organizations with their IT transformation journey:

    • Scaling data center spines to 400 GbE is easier to accomplish when deploying this switch with its high port density and 2U footprint. With its 64 ports of 400GbE, Z9664F-ON enables organizations to implement fewer switches without sacrificing throughput and capacity.
    • Z9664F-ON’s footprint results in lower power and cooling requirements, further decreasing capital expenses.
    • With Z9664F-ON’s multi-rate support, organizations can provision the appropriate port speeds as business needs require without adding additional switches and capital expenses. It also minimizes the need for hardware upgrades as the network scales and traffic patterns change. Thus, organizations can migrate up to 400G easily and more cost-effectively.

ESG’s initial review of the Dell PowerSwitch Z9664F-ON revealed Dell Technologies can provide a cost-effective option for building out a 400G data center fabric occupying smaller footprints. Eliminating the need to use multiple 100G capable switches in the data center eliminates unnecessary expenses while maximizing network performance, capacity and throughput.

Watch Bob Laliberte, Principal Analyst at ESG, discuss how Dell PowerSwitch Z9664F-ON enables organizations to implement fewer switches without sacrificing throughput and capacity.

Visit Dell’s PowerSwitch solutions site, Enterprise SONiC Distribution page and SmartFabric site to learn more.

1 ESG Infographic, Decreasing Data Center Network Complexity, 2022

2 Available post launch

About the Author: Petri Virsunen

Petri Virsunen supports Dell PowerSwitch networking switches for data center, campus and branch on the Dell Technologies Networking product marketing team. Prior to Dell Technologies, he worked with Cisco’s Customer Experience (CX) portfolio product development, ensuring a consistent brand and cohesive customer journey across marketing efforts. Prior to Cisco, Petri was a senior product marketing manager at VMware, in Cloud Provider Software business unit. Native of Finland, he holds a M.Sc. degree from Lappeenranta University of Technology.