A Good Step For Electronics Recycling Standards

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NoComp_wKey Today the U.S. EPA announced a new set of standards for the electronics recycling industry called the Responsible Recycling (“R2”) Practices for Use in Accredited Certification Programs for Electronics Recyclers.  These were formulated by a coalition representing manufactures like Dell, the recycling community and government at the state and federal level. We actively supported the formulation of these standards and now their promotion.

The standards should be a useful resource for anyone and any company relying on an electronics recycler to dispose of used IT equipment.  And while they are in fact voluntary, we believe customer awareness of these standards and requirements for them will move the electronics recycling industry to a higher standard. The new standards outline sound environmental and human health practices and principles for electronics recyclers.  Some of the requirements in the standards promote reuse options for materials, stringent management of recycling practices to ensure waste is not exported to developing nations and data removal standards.

Dell has long placed stringent requirements governing environmental and workplace practices on our recycling vendors. In fact, Dell’s requirements go beyond the standards released today.  Key among our requirements is a  prohibition on the export of waste to developing nations, and a prohibition on the landfill of any environmentally-sensitive material.  We know our customers expect nothing less. We’re also continually working with industry and stakeholders as standards are defined, we were honored earlier this year to receive IDC’s G.R.A.D.E. certification for our business recycling services.

We’ll continue to develop our recycling leadership, from responsible standards to a range of convenient options to worldwide free consumer recycling

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Topics in this article