A look back at Dell Networking and LexisNexis' partnership

I used to have a boss who once told me, “It’s easy to have a great first meeting, but building a partnership is hard.” After all, how many exploratory meetings, introductions, or even first dates have you had where it *seemed* like things were going to work out, but for some reason or another, the relationship just never got off the ground?   

Working for Dell, I get to hear about a lot of customer stories, and see a lot of partnership announcements.  But in a way, some of these stories are “great first meetings;” Dell and partner get together to deliver a solution to solve X. Often, especially if you don’t work for Dell, you might see these stories, nod once, and promptly go on with your life. 

This is what makes the video below really something worthwhile.  Dell has a deep relationship with LexisNexis, developed a case study with Dell in 2012.

At the recent Dell Enterprise Forum in San Jose, our video team had the opportunity to speak to Arjuna Chala, Director of Technology, HPCC Systems, LexisNexis.  Hear what he had to say in his own words about Dell and the partnership with LexisNexis.  It’s really great to hear that we got beyond that “great first meeting” to build the partnership we have today.

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Jonathan Seckler

About the Author: Jonathan Seckler

Jonathan Seckler joined Dell Technologies in 2011 as the Director of Networking Product Marketing and currently leads Product Marketing for Dell EMC Solutions and Servers. Prior to Dell, Jonathan managed the Advanced Micro Devices’ Low Power Client Program, where he launched the first AMD system-on-a-chip, the AMD E-series APU. He has also managed an award-winning website while at Intuit, and was the Product Director for DART Enterprise, an enterprise-class interactive advertising platform at DoubleClick. In his spare time, Jonathan works on pouring incredible espresso shots.