A New Dawn in Alienware Aurora with Intel 8th Gen Six-Core

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The pantheon of ancient Roman goddesses had plenty of high-concept girl-power: Venus (love), Diana (hunt), Fortuna (luck) and Pax (peace), among others. But let’s not forget Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn, whose name today still evokes the image of a glowing sky, the radiant promise of good things to come.

Thórsmörk, Iceland. Photo by Jonatan Pie via Unsplash.com.

And so it the Alienware’s upcoming Aurora system that’s first to be paired with a sky-blazing new desktop processor, Intel’s 8th Gen six-core CPUs. Like Mars and Venus – or perhaps couples like Jay-Z and Beyonce or Mario and Luigi – there’s no denying the natural connection between them. Available as early as October 5 in the United States with a starting at price of $799.  Orders begin to ship on October 20.

Laser-focused on giving the enthusiast community the ultimate desktop performance, Intel’s 8th Gen Intel Core delivers improvements across the board for gamers. Designed to handle the most demanding games and higher frequencies to push optimal frame rates, it offers unlocked performance, and simplified convenience for gamers and creators alike. Compared with 7th Gen Intel Core, the 8th Gen delivers a 40 percent performance boost and up to 25 percent more frames per second to conquer popular and demanding PC games like Forza Motorsports 7 and Superhot in VR.

If you want to push your Aurora beyond stock speeds, we got you covered. The Intel Core i5 K-series and Intel Core i7 K-series processors will ship factory-overclocked — and our factory overclocking on these processors is executed across all six cores. Meaning, for those who need a little more detail, the Intel Core i7-8700K processor will overclock to a maximum of 4.6GHz across all cores while the Intel Core i5-8600K processor will overclock to a maximum of 4.4GHz across all cores.

Alienware and Dell have long stood for innovation, customizing rigs for all levels of players within the big-tent gaming community. As a mid-tower desktop, Aurora provides excellent performance and upgradability for jumping into 4K gaming and VR like a champion. Alienware’s smallest dual-graphics mid-tower desktop ever, it takes a cue from its big brother, the Area-51, with its CPU liquid cooling, overclocking and other amenities for full-power gameplay. With customizable AlienFX lighting, premium materials such as anodized aluminum, magnesium alloy and steel reinforcement, and a chassis that allows easy, tool-less access for GPU and other upgrades.

Alienware Aurora enters a bright new dawn with Intel’s 8th Gen six-core CPU.  Look for this well-matched power couple on the horizon. Good things to come, indeed.

You can find more information about the Aurora R7 here.

Alienware Aurora desktop computer

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