An Upgraded APEX Data Storage Services Experience Has Arrived

Introducing expanded global availability and colocation deployment options.
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The rapid and notable growth in adoption of public cloud services has taught us that elastic scale, OpEx consumption models and agile deployments can relieve the burden of many IT challenges. However, the private cloud world is evolving as well, and the adoption of as-a-Service offerings with public cloud-like models for on-premises infrastructure has been rapidly increasing. IDC predicts that by 2025, 60% of enterprises will fund LOB and IT projects through OpEx budgets, matching how vendors provide their services with a focus on outcomes that are determined by SLAs and KPIs.¹

Launched in the US last year during Dell Technologies World, APEX Data Storage Services is Dell Technologies’ storage as-a-Service offer. It enables you to reap the benefits of our industry-leading enterprise storage in a cloud consumption pay-as-you-go model, without the administrative burden typically associated with owning and maintaining on-premises infrastructure.

Woman using Dell APEX technology in a data center. I’m excited to share that we’ve recently made some significant enhancements to this offering.

First, building on the collaboration with Equinix announced during Dell Technologies World last year, APEX Data Storage Services customers now have the option for Dell-managed colocation deployment at select Equinix locations. This enables you to simplify operations and benefit from the agility of public cloud with the security and control of private cloud. It consolidates the as-a-Service experience with a single offer, utilizing Dell-owned and maintained infrastructure, deployed in a secure Dell-managed colocation facility, all with a single invoice. The result? You can dramatically reduce the burden associated with data center management and focus more on innovation. The solution is fully supported in the APEX Console, including ordering as well as operational management and monitoring. Users can create new subscriptions to APEX services, specify an Equinix site for deployment and have a clear understanding of the costs over time. This combination of Dell Technologies and Equinix can deliver:

    • Up to 86% faster deployment.²
    • Reduced costs of over-provisioning storage by as much as 45%.³
    • Up to 60% reduction in network traffic costs.³
    • A minimum 30% reduction in latency.³

So how can you benefit from this collaboration? Organizations that provide colocation services, also known as data center providers, provide highly available, efficient, secure, green data centers. These data center providers play the role of advanced digital hubs by interconnecting clouds, technology providers and partners, and are now viewed as a critical component of a hybrid cloud strategy. Benefits IT departments can expect to receive with colocation include:

    • Ease personnel resourcing and allow IT departments to focus on the most important projects.
    • Provide the agility for companies to enter new markets or geographies quickly.
    • Enable applications to be placed closer to their users for improved responsiveness.
    • Allow organizations to start small without having to make an investment in multi-million-dollar facilities with multi-decade ROIs.

The value of interconnection means APEX Data Storage Services is multi-cloud ready, with the ability to connect to the hyperscaler of choice via low latency fiber connections, such as Azure Express Route and AWS Direct Connect.

APEX Data Storage Services will be supported at Equinix colocation facilities in Santa Clara (CA), Ashburn (VA), Paris (France), London (UK), Frankfurt (Germany) and Sydney (Australia) – with a plan to expand as customer demand dictates.

We’ve also expanded regional availability for on-premises deployments to the following countries: UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland and Ireland. This gives our customers the option to deploy storage resources where they are needed, in as few as 14 days.4 – enabling new opportunities for growth and geographic expansion.

And finally, we’ve added object capabilities to scale-out file services in order to support use cases and applications where S3-compatable protocol access and behaviors are required. This enables our customers to leverage complex application designs that require file and object access to the same data sets, expanding storage use cases to include cloud-native development without the need to copy data.

And to top it all off, we’ve launched a new portfolio of Professional Services for APEX, purpose-built to provide the expertise you need to integrate the APEX vision into your business.

So, what are you waiting for? We’re currently offering a 90-day money back program, so if you aren’t satisfied with the service provided during the first 90 days of your initial subscription, you’ll receive a full refund without any questions asked. Reach out to your local sales team to find out more about this special promotion.

To learn more about APEX Data Storage Services, visit our website.

¹ IDC FutureScape: “Worldwide Future of Digital Infrastructure 2022 Predictions,” October 2021. Doc # US47441321.

² A Forrester New Technology Projected Total Economic Impact Study, commissioned by Dell Technologies, June 2021. Estimates projected over 3 years, based on interviews with four organizations using APEX Data Storage Services, aggregated and combined into a composite organization, and survey responses from an additional 121 IT decision makers. Actual results may vary. Full report

³ “The Total Economic Impact of Equinix,” a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Equinix, April 2019.

4 Applies in US, UK, Ireland, France, and Germany. TTV measured between order acceptance and activation. Subject to customer acceptance of APEX terms, credit approval and site qualification, which must be completed before order placement, and customer participation in pre-deployment planning. Product availability, holidays and other factors may impact deployment time. 

About the Author: Alyson Langon

Alyson Langon has over a decade of IT industry experience in Product Marketing at Dell Technologies. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from American University and has an MBA from Boston College. Alyson currently leads the team responsible for developing messaging and driving marketing strategy for multicloud and as-a-Service offers in Dell’s APEX portfolio.
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