An Introduction

In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing more about the inspiration and perspiration behind Adamo by Dell, and thought you might want to know a bit more about who I am. I am Vice President of Consumer Experience & Design at Dell, and each day I try to bring my passion for craftsmanship, style and design to Dell’s consumer products.


Passion is actually what brought me here from NIKE – passion for Dell’s heritage, and the possibilities ahead.  I loved the idea that the company that created the “built-to-order” model for PCs is transforming and pioneering the “made-for-me” model. 


I think the path I’m on is truly in my genes. My grandma was an artist and she always encouraged me to draw, create and make. She inspired me to create products that were both beautiful and functional and to truly enjoy the process.  Her voice is definitely still with me, and part of what I am doing at Dell is not only creating quality products, but hopefully providing others with the opportunity to continue to create and express.


It’s not all about me though, there is a team of committed, passionate people around the world at Dell who working to create expressive products to you.

About the Author: Ed Boyd

Ed joined Dell in October 2007 initially to lead the Consumer Experience Design Group. In 2010 Ed’s role was expanded to cover Dell’s Commercial and Enterprise businesses too. Ed is responsible for Industrial Design, User Experience Design, and Advanced Design. Ed’s strategic vision is helping Dell define and deliver award winning products and solutions. Before joining Dell, Ed served as Global Creative Director for Nike’s Athletic Training Division. There his primary focus was vision and strategic design direction for Nike’s athletic training businesses, encompassing the total consumer experience (product, services, events, and retail). Ed had more than ten years’ tenure at Nike where he developed extensive experience in understanding consumer needs and desires and translating these insights into rich and meaningful experiences. Before Nike, Ed worked at Sony in New York & Tokyo. He worked on numerous product categories (home audio and video, telecommunications, television, professional mass storage, and in-flight entertainment. There he learned how to balance design and technology to create compelling customer propositions. Ed received a BFA in Industrial Design from the Columbus College of Design, Columbus Ohio.