At Home with the Ideal Home Show 2011

Dell at the Ideal Home ShowThe Ideal Home Show at London’s Earl’s Court is in its 103rd year. It is one of Britain’s best loved home events and a shopping experience like no other.

In the UK, there is no better way to test out products you’ve always wanted in your home than to attend the show. The show itself gives plenty of inspiration for those looking to make home improvements and provides a great opportunity to see the latest and greatest must-haves for the home in action, including in-home technology. Gone are the days when home PCs were banished to the study, under desks or in the basement. Many people want a system that fits in with the house décor, and that they’re proud to show off when guests come over.

So to provide some inspiration, Dell is starring as part of the Ideal Home of the Future, a dedicated area which showcases the latest technology, design and innovation for the home. On display we have our innovative convertible tablet, the Inspiron duo, that changes from laptop to tablet mode with a flip of the screen. Each item in the Home of the Future is presented as though you were in a theatre watching a show, meaning you get a chance to see each product demonstrated to see if you like it.

Dell at the Ideal Home Show 2011

Also featuring within the Ideal Home Magazine Room Sets is the all-in-one desktop Inspiron One 23 and the powerful XPS 15
laptop. These room sets are designed with the modern family in mind
with the Inspiron One 23 being featured in the living room set and the
colourful XPS laptop included in the kid’s bedroom set.

These room sets demonstrate just how integrated technology has become
within the home, from an easy-to-use touch screen device in the living
room to a brightly coloured device for the always-on kids. This
particular pattern on the XPS 15 is called Summer and really shows how
impactful designs can be on laptops and how they fit in within any
colour scheme. For a full range of designs visit Dell Design Studio.

Dell at the Ideal Home Show - room 2

The Ideal Home Show delights the senses by demonstrating just how
seamlessly devices can fit into each home scenario – providing
inspiration for all of us who want the latest technology, but want it to
match our colour scheme too. The show ends this weekend, so if you have
a chance to go and see the products in action and let us know what you

About the Author: Ellen Murphy