Be a Superhero with Multi-cloud Management

Freedom to mix and match cloud technologies with consistency to meet business needs is critical for IT teams.

This blog is co-authored by Per Thorn, Principal Solutions Architect.

There was a time when all superheroes belonged to two camps, either DC or Marvel. Batman, Hulk, Superman, Thor, and Spider-man, to name a few, all belonged to the comic universe of these two publishers.

A similar scenario played out in the IT world in the past decade. There was the private cloud crew versus the public cloud disruptors. IT professionals quickly divided between advocates of control and customization in private clouds versus developers looking for the standardization and flexibility of a shared environment in public clouds.

A common perception was that the hyperscalers would host all the applications, and local data centers and private clouds were doomed. Customer experience and support from developers tired of the tyranny of rigid operations took the lead in the public cloud adoption. The hyperscalers started to expand globally to comply with local residency and labor regulations. They incorporated new technologies such as containers and functions, developed multiple managed services, and enrolled partners to achieve the massive application migration to their platforms.

However, performance, governance, and cost issues made many organizations reconsider private clouds and even migrate back workloads from hyperscalers to local datacenters.

Hyperscalers incorporated on-premises and edge solutions to get closer to the action and avoid the latency. At the same time, the private cloud manufacturers and software platforms started their ‘as-a-service’ offerings and ‘everywhere’ mantra, reaching agreements with the hyperscalers to be the glue or crossover of the future. Everyone claimed that your investment would be preserved and protected from obsolescence if you used their product. You will be able to use it on-premises, the edge, or the public cloud.

Wouldn’t it be possible to get the best of both worlds? It could be like having Hulk native muscles with Batman’s armor and weapon pipelines. Reality demanded a hybrid model to coexist peacefully with its pros and cons as the mainframe and mid-range systems were doing on the data center.

What was needed was to find a way to orchestrate hyperscalers, private clouds, and infrastructure to collaborate freely to deliver outcomes without design constraints.

If a mission calls for the talents of specific superheroes, it can happen, but it requires establishing proper governance and autonomy. We also need to make sure additional partners can join later without any lock-in and painful separation. A multi-cloud solution provides the freedom to mix and match technologies, including VMware, Nutanix, OpenStack, or hyperscalers, to meet business needs.

But the task of combining all the multi-cloud requirements: continuous delivery, provisioning, security, compliance, automation, standardization, and self-service while keeping budget under control, is daunting for many. It is costly and risky to try to do multi-cloud yourself, pick the best solution for each requirement and implement it for every application, hoping that all of them will fit together. The answer is to use a cloud management platform (CMP) to minimize integration risks and track costs without losing your mind in the effort.

The key to picking the right CMP is agnosticism. In most cases, you cannot ask Captain America to treat Green Lantern the same way he would do with Wolverine. Or even worse, admitting his limitations of working solo and resisting the temptation to save the world by himself. You need someone independent to save the day.

You need an intelligent and independent CMP to achieve a world where anything is possible, even the collaboration between the superheroes of DC and Marvel universes. Dell Multi-cloud Management with Morpheus is the cloud and automation agnostic platform that can achieve this. The solution scale DevSecOps tasks to modernize applications and keep operations efficient with hyper-convergent systems. It includes true multi-tenancy and enables service providers to offer managed services for multiple customers. The solution has more codeless integration points than any other CMP and lets you use your favorite automation framework.

You won’t need to choose a specific hyperscaler or private cloud platform and choose between innovation and business agility vs. security and control. Get Dell Multi-cloud Management with Morpheus to speed up your digital transformation now and achieve amazing results with the combined skills of all superheroes.

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About the Author: Jorge Gonzalez Moreno

Jorge Gonzalez Moreno is a Solution Manager at Dell Technologies. A sales and marketing professional with global experience in cloud, security and IT-managed infrastructure services, Jorge is a built-to-last innovator. His areas of expertise include first-of-a-kind projects for telcos and utilities as well as portfolio offering management.