Championing Social Media to the Man

Does your boss not get social media? Lucky for us at Dell, we’ve been able to do a lot with social media over the past several years with the support ‘the man.’ After probably cutting in the registration line (I just went to the 4th floor via an elevator) and grabbing my *** bag, I checked out My Boss Doesn’t Get It: Championing Social Media to the Man. The panel discussion lead by @peterkim really got the SXSW Twitter folk tweeting on incorporating social media into your business. When you get a chance, check out this list of social media marketing examples for additional ideas and tips. The key takeaways from the discussion were to:

  • Set the right expectations Measure it in dollars (earned or saved)
  • Get people behind it, not just the technology
  • If you have any adversaries (legal, corporate communications, IT), get them to be your ally

Some solid suggestions, but no real light bulbs. My lingering question is really about the measurement piece. Ideally we would all like to find that full-proof way to show that talking with customers and media through social media is good for the business—but what does that formula look like? Opportunity to see (OTS) has ‘worked’ for traditional public relations, but where’s the direct link to revenue or savings?

Update 3/16: Below is a quick interview Jacqui Zhou did with Peter Kim.

About the Author: Kara Krautter