Change in RSS Feeds

Over the past few days Lionel and others have been telling you about some of the new changes and features of our Community site.  As we configure our site to move globally we’ve made other, less visible, adjustments as well.  Most of these changes aren’t anything that our customers will ever see but some of you may notice that the underlying web addresses of our blogs and forums are different once we go live.  Don’t worry, the web addresses you’ve been using, such as, will continue to work, but they will be redirected to these new addresses.


As Direct2Dell has grown and Dell has become more involved in different forms of social media we’ve expanded beyond what any of us had originally envisioned.   We’ve used this opportunity to reorganize our site to make it more logical, and easy to expand.


Unfortunately, these address changes will cause a change to the RSS feeds that many of our customers have subscribed to.   Once the new Community site goes live later today, you may need to re-subscribe to continue to receive RSS feeds.  Dell has been working with Technorati and internally on ways to improve our search engine optimization (SEO) as we develop our new site.   Improved SEO means our blogs will be more visible in customer searches, which ultimately translated into connecting with more customers.


As Lionel mentioned, one benefit of the new site is our new blog aggregator page at  This aggregator will collect all new content from all our various blogs and present them on one single page for our customers.   You will be able to subscribe to this feed as well as each blog individually.


To our subscribers, thanks for reading our posts on Direct2Dell and Dell’s other blogs. We apologize for any interruption.

About the Author: Todd Smart