Charting an Upward Path

Dell Technologies announces new storage solutions for application developers & manufacturing engineers

At Dell Technologies, we have a passion for technology innovation and designing smart solutions that help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) excel. If you haven’t incorporated Dell Technologies storage solutions into your design recently, we suggest you take another look as much has changed with innovative new product introductions and new OEM go-to-market options. Not only can our new ground-breaking innovation reduce complexities and increase the value of your data, but they can help you chart an upward path with more ease and agility, providing you with a competitive advantage.

Pushing boundaries at the edge, the core and into the cloud

There is no doubt that the data-driven era is fundamentally changing the way we view IT. Processing data at the edge, real-time decision making, consistent cloud experience, full-stack life-cycle management, AI/ML, simplified operations, are all driving business priorities. Business demands now drive IT and OT. Around 10 percent of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. By 2025, Gartner predicts this figure will reach 75 percent.

That’s why we’ve introduced several new pacesetting technologies that are faster, smaller and easier to manage with lower capacity points and entry pricing. Here are a few highlights:

  • Introducing the OEM Ready Dell PowerScale and Dell PowerScale OneFS that can be de-branded or rebranded for a customized solution. Seamless scalability where you manage your data not your storage with OneFS. Any data, anywhere with PowerScale in the edge (starting at 11TBs raw), core (scaling to multi-petabytes), or cloud (OneFS for multi-cloud or for Google Cloud) for consistent manageability, flexibility, security and data protection.
  • For data-intensive workloads at the edge, core, or cloud, Dell PowerStore delivers a data-centric, intelligent and adaptable architecture. Running apps on the appliance with AppsON, faster innovation with a container- based architecture, and built-in machine learning for autonomous operations.
  • The new ruggedized Dell VxRail D Series extends leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) capabilities beyond the datacenter to space-constrained, remote, and harsh environments without compromising on performance – often found at the edge in oil & gas, telco, transportation and manufacturing / industrial automation.
  • Choose Dell Unity XT hybrid arrays with de-branded (no Dell branding) or rebranded (your customized branding) hardware, software interface, documentation and packaging.

Managing from afar with insight and confidence

With social distancing and most air travel in limbo, remote installation and management have moved up the priority list for our customers. Our recent announcements make autonomous management significantly easier with automation, AI, and machine learning:

  • Bring structure to your unstructured data with PowerScale and DataIQ which makes it easy for anyone to find and understand data – allowing you to have data at your fingertips, and for admins to archive files to lower costs over time. Supports HDFS protocol, in-place analytics, and compatibility with leading vendors including Splunk and HortonWorks.
  • With PowerStore’s built-in machine learning engine for recommended data placements, and the container-based architecture enabling feature portability, standardization and rapid time-to-market for new capabilities, autonomous operations is now a reality.
  • VxRail ensures you are always operating in a continuously validated state with its full-stack life cycle management. Continuously Validated States provides for extensive, automated, repeatable testing on every firmware and software upgrade and patch ensuring you can upgrade with certainty and significantly improve IT productivity (2,500-plus unique test cases per release, 25,000-plus hours test run time for each major release with over 100 dedicated staff to test and quality assurance).

In addition, our new products are all cloud-enabled for full integration and unified automated management of your data and applications between on-premises and cloud. With our professional cloud services and cloud software, we can help you create a seamless multi-cloud experience for your compute and data, providing maximum agility and performance without compromise. 

Together, let’s design your solution on the strength of our technology

As your partner, we bring world-class technologies, bench strength in design, and industry leadership to the table. Innovate faster, build bolder and scale smarter by leveraging our greater than 30 years of industry expertise, dedicated resources, global reach and support.

With financing and cash flow paradigms disrupted by today’s economic challenges, we offer multiple programs and payment plans to help you continue moving your strategic initiatives forward.

As we all grapple with dramatic change and unknowns, Dell Technologies is doubling down and offering new innovative solutions to help you overcome these challenges and come out ahead. At Dell Technologies, your success is our success and we are marshaling our leadership and extensive resources to make that happen.

About the Author: Sean Phelan

Sean is a 22-year Dell Technologies veteran and has held various executive positions in DT’s Storage groups across multiple business units. Roles have included Sales Leadership, Mergers/Acquisitions, and Marketing and Corporate Strategy. Through these strategic positions, Sean has helped Dell Technologies increase its strength, IP, reach, and impact in the enterprise and broader infrastructure market. Currently, Sean is leading the fast-growing global OEM Storage division.