Chat in your preferred language using AutoChat with extended hours.

As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, EMC has added a new translation technology that enables us to extend the hours of availability for our cutting-edge Live Chat  capability in your preferred language to 24×5 between Sunday 7 PM and Friday 4 PM (ET).

I am excited to share with you that EMC has added some additional service lines to cover more EMC products since the last time I blogged on the topic. From the AutoChat landing page you will now see all the follow service lines that are available in Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish:

AutoChat Blog 2.jpg

I would like to invite you to try AutoChat the next time you open an EMC service request. Much like Live Chat, AutoChat can be used for issues of any severity and offers a time to resolution faster than other support channels. Don’t forget to complete the short survey at the end of the AutoChat session, as your feedback will help us shape the future of this capability.

Thank you,

Hien Ho

Principal Program Manager, EMC Customer Service Innovation Team

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