Has Your Cloud Strategy Turned Dark and Stormy?

The cloud you and your departments choose now will affect the data center administration for years to come. Many customers have been shown the sunny side of cloud deployments and been attracted by the model of enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. The silver lining here being that in theory you can deploy instances that scale to almost any degree and turn off what you don’t use when you are not using it. Additionally, you could reduce the number of staff or systems administrators that you employ due to readily available scripting and lack of immediate hardware to operate. While these benefits would solve immediate departmental needs or might seem immediately gratifying, we are seeing that an increased number of customers have had their cloud deployments escalate in cost, and complexity, and be struck by data security concerns. To that end, for some customers it makes greater long-term business sense to go with an on-premise cloud infrastructure utilizing Dell PowerEdge servers coupled with VMware tools.

On-premise hybrid cloud deployments enabled by server virtualization and advanced features found within VMware tools mean that you can support workloads and use cases while keeping pace with the growing need and complexity of your business without losing control. It also allows you to address security, compliance, and maintain performance for the critical applications that protect your company and customers.

When you solely rely on a public cloud such as Amazon Web Service or Azure instances, there are expenses that come with each subscription tier, meaning you run the risk of paying more than expected whenever you exceed your allotment. High memory instances with many virtual CPUs can easily escalate costs beyond $10,000 per month per server. Auto Scaling that automatically adjusts to capacity can quickly escalate costs even further.

Principled Technologies has conducted testing to actively compare Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions vs. deploying Dell PowerEdge FX2 servers and software.

If you pick the right tools, an on-premises cloud is as easy to manage as a public cloud. Moving to a public cloud is not a surefire way to cut admin costs. Still don’t believe me? Let me cast away any further public cloud concerns.

Hands-on testing conducted at Principled Technologies shows a cost savings over three years with 34% fewer steps for eight common management tasks. This significantly reduces the opportunities for errors and potential downtime.

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