Combatting Ransomware, Outages and Attacks: Fast-track Your Recovery Readiness

Analysts at Enterprise Strategy Group weigh in on Dell Product Success Accelerator Services for Cyber Recovery and Backup.

You can do everything right and bring in the right equipment and software—yet still not be completely prepared against a cyberattack or system-wide breakdown. When faced with the possibility of these crippling events, having a detailed plan in place with proven processes and performance checkpoints is invaluable—avoiding the risk of downtime or lost data. That’s how Product Success Accelerators (PSX) services complement Dell Data Protection solutions.

Recently, industry analysts from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) weighed in on these new services from Dell Technologies, which focus on providing specific outcomes—in this case cyber recovery or backup. ESG’s Dave Gruber talked with Dell solutions strategist Ben Henning to highlight the challenges businesses are facing and how PSX addresses issues such as planning, implementation and operationalizing daily tasks.

To set the stage, Gruber highlights a few key takeaways.

    • Cybersecurity leaders often assume that IT backups will enable them to fully recover any lost or impacted data in the event of a crippling ransomware attack.
    • In addition, ESG research shows that only 25% of organizations can recover 80% or more of their mission-critical application data.
    • He also shares that despite investments in backup and recovery technologies, many organizations lack the ability to recover the data they need to maintain core business operations.

“I like the sound of this PSX offering, for two reasons. First, it is a targeted service offering with very specific outcome objectives. But second, it is designed recognizing that different organizations may need different levels of service, which are available in the three different PSX engagements.” 

                                                                                                    – Dave Gruber, Principal Analyst, ESG

Gruber is referring to the flexibility of PSX, which offers three options from which to choose, each with increasing levels of service. Ready helps you plan and deploy the technology solution, while Optimize adds on quarterly assessments and recommendations. Assist includes daily assistance to help monitor, operate and maintain your environment. By offering three levels, organizations can choose how much Dell assistance they need, ranging from a one-time setup and validation through ongoing year-round oversight, all to deliver a clearly defined outcome.

In addition to the video interview, ESG’s Dave Gruber and Practice Director Christophe Bertrand penned a whitepaper on the proliferation of cybersecurity threats with a deeper dive into how PSX is working to simplify and streamline operational tasks around a specific outcome.

According to ESG analysts, the threat of ransomware and the critical role backup and recovery capabilities play in response and recovery situations are accelerating the need for more reliable data protection strategies. For midsize organizations with time and budget constraints, ensuring data integrity remains a top priority.

We invite you to learn more about PSX for Backup and Cyber Recovery on the Product Success Accelerator web page, where you can access both the whitepaper and video interview along with other resources.

1 Source: Enterprise Strategy Group Research Report, The Long Road Ahead to Ransomware Preparedness, June 2022

Dan Norton

About the Author: Dan Norton

Dan Norton is the Director of Product Management for ISG and Multicloud Services. In this role, he oversees the creation of new services to enable customer success with Dell’s infrastructure and cloud-based offerings. Previously, Dan managed a set of Dell EMC software offerings including ViPR SRM, ViPR Controller and PowerPath. He previously held product management positions with Symantec, Lotus/IBM and a number of startups. He graduated from Amherst College and resides in the Boston area.