CloudIQ Enablement Optimizes Storage Array Health

CloudIQ offers proactive insights and a suite of advanced analytics 24/7 so IT Admins can better manage their products, reduce risk, and improve productivity.

CloudIQ is a cloud-based portal that provides continuous monitoring of the health of your storage array, identifies performance issues, and highlights issues that need to be addressed – at no additional cost. CloudIQ offers proactive insights and a suite of advanced analytics 24/7 that allow IT Admins to better manage their products, reduce risk, plan ahead and improve productivity.

By enabling CloudIQ on your storage array, you can benefit from near real-time System Health Checks and Capacity Forecasting. CloudIQ sends proactive notifications as well, and alerts in CloudIQ come directly from the storage systems. CloudIQ also supports SAN switches and CI (VxBlock).

CloudIQ’s unique infrastructure intelligence can help you avoid outages, detect anomalies, and increase your productivity. Easily access CloudIQ through your desktop or through the CloudIQ mobile app (iOS and Android) and gain visibility into predictive analysis which accelerates troubleshooting. Receive early warning notifications of performance issues to expedite their resolution.

Start benefiting from the advantage offered by the predictive monitoring technology that CloudIQ provides for the following products:

  • Dell Unity
  • PowerMax/VMAX
  • XtremIO
  • PowerStore
  • PowerVault
  • Connectrix
  • VxBlock
  • Isilon/PowerScale

For instructions on how to connect your product to CloudIQ, visit

More products will be onboarded soon, including Data Domain and HCI. Want to learn more about CloudIQ?

Holly Anderson

About the Author: Holly Anderson

Holly Anderson was formerly an Enterprise Social Media Senior Advisor for Dell Technologies.