Complete Guide to AI at Dell Technologies World 2024

Everything to know about how we’re bringing AI to Dell Technologies World 2024 as we gear up for our biggest week of the year.

In this era of AI-driven transformation, you don’t have to look far to find organizations already using AI to increase productivity, tailor user experiences and accelerate innovation. And there’s no better place for AI enthusiasts this year than Dell Technologies World. Learn from experts and one another and see why no matter where your AI journey takes you, Dell’s broadest portfolio of AI solutions¹ can offer support, from desktop and data center, to cloud and the edge. We’ll be showcasing all the ways we’re using AI to accelerate from ideas to innovation, plus we’re bringing together business leaders, technologists, practitioners and visionaries to share stories and offer their vision for the future. We invite you to join us this May 20-24, 2024, in Las Vegas to be a part of what’s next.

Curious to know what to expect from this event? Here’s more on what we have planned for all things AI. If you’re joining us, we recommend bookmarking this post so you have it handy as a reference during the show.

Get Inspired About the Future of AI at Our Keynotes and Speaker Events

Technology leaders and visionaries will be speaking throughout the event to inspire you about what’s to come.

Our visionary keynotes are the best place to get a deep understanding of what the Dell AI portfolio has to offer. On day one, CEO Michael Dell will share more on how Dell’s portfolio of solutions is changing businesses—and the world—for the better. He’ll be joined by special guest NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang for a look at what lies ahead and how AI technologies will play a pivotal role. On day two, COO Jeff Clarke and special guests will go deeper into what’s to come. They’ll share more on how organizations can accelerate their AI journeys using the latest Dell solutions.

Throughout the event we’ll have a wide variety of luminary lunches and trailblazer sessions that will bring to life how AI is moving the needle across industries. You’ll get the chance to find out how AI is transforming music production, learn the role it can play in sports and even discover how it’s unraveling the mysteries of the universe. Then, on Thursday, May 23, we’ll have a special return visitor. Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson joins us once more for a new installment of his popular An Astrophysicist Goes to the Movies speaker series. This time he’ll tackle Observations of AI in Film and Other Musings: where Hollywood has gotten things right, how they’ve gotten it wrong and where things go from here.

Here’s where you can find the full list of our luminary lunches and trailblazer sessions.

Hear Firsthand Stories from AI Leaders and Innovators in the Amphitheater

Our thought leadership sessions at the amphitheater, located in the Village, is a special opportunity to hear directly from innovators across the industry and how they make magic: AI success stories about turning ideas into outcomes that impact human experience, business and the world.

Across Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we’re bringing together customers, partners from EY and Deloitte and Dell’s own thought leaders to share how they’re leveraging generative AI, the innovation accelerator of the decade, and across topics like solving the data dilemma in the age of AI, embracing a people-first approach and future-proofing business with sustainable IT.

You also won’t want to miss Tuesday’s 3 PM PT session The Hacker vs. the Security Expert, a dynamic exchange between a reformed hacker and a seasoned security expert delving into today’s most pressing cyber security challenges.

Lastly, wrapping up Wednesday with a grand finale: leaders across the world agree that GenAI will significantly transform their industry, but recent research says only four in 10 have a defined strategy. Where are you on your journey, and what questions would you like answered to accelerate your use cases? Join us at 3 PM PT for exclusive access to Dell’s AI Enablement Senior Vice President Matt Baker in a very special GenAI Ask Me Anything.

Accelerate Your AI Journey in the Expo Hall

At our Dell Technologies expo hall, you’ll discover the boundless potential of AI. Our team will be there to showcase an extensive range of AI offerings, spanning from core infrastructure to cloud services and edge solutions to experts who can help you on every step of your journey. No matter where you are in AI implementation, we’re here to assist you.

At the heart of the show floor is the AI Experience welcoming you to all Dell has to offer. Here, you’ll have an opportunity to learn how to start your AI journey. An assessment tool will help you quickly establish where you are—and where you want to be. Then you’ll be able to go hands-on with demos that give you a sense for what’s possible with AI technologies covering a wide variety of use cases. Learn about the journey to success with generative AI (GenAI) with Dell’s experts. Or get up and running quickly with a retrieval augmented generation (RAG) proof-of-concept and put your data to work fast. Or see AI come to life in a wide variety of ways across the expo floor, from digital assistants to computer vision to digital twins. All of this can inspire you with AI possibilities within your own organization.

Need to go deep on a particular topic? We’ll have Dell subject matter experts on hand across the show floor. Or you can duck into one of our theater sessions where you’ll find in-depth coverage on a variety of useful topics.

Ready to explore further? The AI experience connects across all parts of the show floor, so you’ll have the chance to learn how AI touches every aspect of your business—from building a modern data center, to enabling your workforce with the latest AI PCs, to multicloud deployments that handle robust AI workloads, to robust security. Give yourself lots of time to take it all in—you’ll want to explore.

Get AI Ready in Our Breakout Sessions

Once you’ve had a chance to explore what’s on tap from Dell Technologies in our expo ball, dive in deeper by attending our sessions and hands-on labs. Here are six to prioritize.

Getting the Most from Your Generative AI Strategy

The secret ingredient to the best generative AI models is your data. Find out why bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to your data can deliver faster results with more secure access, reduce costs, offer more control compared to other models and even result in more sustainable AI practices. In this session, we’ll explore the ins and outs of establishing your generative AI strategy, gaining consensus across your organization, and put you on a path to execute your vision so you can get the most from our generative AI investments. Session ID: 1004P-1

Right-size Your GenAI Strategy

Generative AI’s potential is almost endless, but getting the right infrastructure in place—and not overpaying for it—can be challenging. In this session, we explore different models, use cases and deployment patterns, and unpack what goes into powering these GenAI workloads. We’ll discuss empowering every worker with GenAI-ready client devices, supporting data scientists with workstations and all the infrastructure from data center, edge and cloud—and how to get each right-sized based on your unique needs. Session ID: 1005P-1

Your GenAI Strategy: Where to Start and How to Deploy

Learn how to deploy a cost-effective proof-of-concept generative AI model with your data for initial testing and validation. In this session, we’ll explore top use cases, customer examples and how to get more from each GenAI deployment by clustering use cases. Just getting started with artificial intelligence (AI)? Discover how Dell Technologies helps you go from possible to proven faster with innovative technologies, comprehensive professional services and a broad partner ecosystem. Session ID: 1006P-1

Deploying a Digital Assistant Built on Generative AI

Organizations are supercharging the functionality of digital assistants with generative AI. Learn how you can quickly deploy a digital assistant to meet your service objectives, such as enhancing your website experience, delivering post-sales support or mentoring, guiding and on-boarding new employees. For insights and inspiration, see how City of Amarillo, Texas, leaders implemented a digital assistant to help serve their diverse population and deliver government information and services across 62 languages. Session ID: 7025P-1

Dell IT Foundation for AI: What You Need to Know to Optimize Your Data Center and AI Platform

If data is the fuel for AI, it’s essential to have a clear data strategy that provides data quality, security and availability to run AI models that require large volumes of data and significant compute power. Join this behind-the-scenes look at Dell’s IT department to see how we are addressing the data pipeline challenges. Gain insights from our discussion to learn how our platform supports data access from a multicloud point of view, allowing us to use the best of both on-premises and cloud resources. Session ID: 4001P-1

Making GenAI-assisted Work a Reality

CIOs see the promise and risk of putting generative AI tools in employees’ hands. Discover how one of the largest IT companies is embracing artificial intelligence to engage teams and enhance productivity. Beyond increasing efficiency, practical GenAI tools like Microsoft Copilot can radically transform the way we work and do business—but you need a strategic approach to succeed. Join Dell Services and Microsoft for a demo, real-world use cases and best practices for implementing Copilot solutions and driving adoption. Session IDs: 9007P-1 and 9007P-2 

Many More AI Sessions to Explore

These are only a few of the more than 40 AI sessions, panels, hands-on labs and interactive demos available over the course of the week. To learn more and find the right sessions for you, browse the full AI catalog.

We Can’t Wait to See You in Vegas

Just starting your AI journey and don’t know where to begin? Need advice from a trusted partner who can help you chart a path to AI success? We’ve got you. Join us in Las Vegas from May 20-23 at The Venetian, where we’ll be on-hand to chat peer-to-peer, answer questions and help you solve your toughest challenges. Here’s where to register.

1 Based on Dell analysis, August 2023. Dell Technologies offers hardware solutions engineered to support AI workloads from Workstations PCs (mobile and fixed) to Servers for High-performance Computing, Data Storage, Cloud Native Software-Defined Infrastructure, Networking Switches, Data Protection, HCI and Services.

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