Correction: Letter O vs. Number 0 for Battery Recall

Need to correct earlier statements I made on this blog regarding entering your battery serial number (PPID) on the battery recall site. My sincere apologies for the misinformation.

Here’s what I can say:

  • The first 15 characters your PPID only contains zeros.
  • The last 5 characters may contain the number 0 (zero) or the letter O.
  • Since the last 5 characters can contain both a 0 (zero) and/or a letter O, please be careful when you are entering your battery serial number.

Some Direct2Dell readers have asked whether the system identifies invalid numbers.  The answer is no.  Will aim to provide more clarification on this early next week, but wanted to get this correction out after I could confirm the above details.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca