Cultivating Outcomes

By Eric Clark, Vice President, Dell Services, Dell

The business benefits of technology go far beyond efficiency and collaboration. Information technology enables leaders to transform business models, reimagine customer engagement, and pursue new opportunities that previously seemed out of reach.

Indeed, technology is remaking vast swaths of the global economy, disrupting industries and redefining how we communicate. This means organizations must build an IT infrastructure that not only allows for change,but encourages it. At Dell we call this the future-ready enterprise, an environment where foundational technology solutions –including cloud, mobile, big data and security – work in concert, enabling organizations to innovate and grow.

In the future-ready enterprises I’ve encountered, business and IT leadership share common strategic goals and use modern, integrated technology to achieve meaningful outcomes. Here are three common attributes I’ve observed:

Business leaders think about technology strategically. Forward-looking business leaders understand IT as an integral component of their strategy, and make technology investment decisions that will enable or accelerate critical results. Technology is no longer just a supporting tool or a necessary cost, but a fundamental driver of success and innovation.

Technology expands the art of the possible. By building a future-ready IT architecture able to accommodate change and react to shifting needs, organizations have the agility to innovate and quickly capitalize on new opportunities. Business leaders who understand the transformative power of technology see limitless possibilities and seize any chance to execute differently and gain a competitive edge.

IT leaders shape business goals. IT leaders are businesspeople, too. They understand technology, how to manage it and how to secure it. But their primary responsibility is to design initiatives that achieve business goals. They often have a voice in shaping those goals. They apply cutting-edge solutions like cloud, security, mobility and big data to deliver measurable outcomes such as improved supply chain efficiency or enhanced sales productivity.

Today more than ever, a company is only as innovative as its IT. Yet many organizations still make IT decisions independent of strategic business considerations. In the future-ready enterprise, business and IT leaders collaborate to ensure technology is seamlessly woven into the fabric of the business, with a laser focus on achieving critical outcomes that deliver long-lasting impact.

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